The Social Democratic Party(SDP) will surprise the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) with landslide victory in the Presidential and National Assembly elections, come 2019 .
Nigerians are tired of the failed APC- led Federal Government which has not only impoverished the masses but plunged the economy of the country into it’s present state which has driven away potential foreign investors, the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Alfa Mohammed said in a statement issued on Tuesday in Abuja.
“The interest and agenda of all Nigerians in 2019 is to sack the failed APC Government and entrench an SDP-led Federal Government that will drive the desired positive change, ” he said.
Mohammed said Nigerians are tired of a government which has failed woefully in providing security for it’s citizens, and pretends to be leading an anti- corruption crusade, yet deeply engrained in corrupt practices.
“How can the APC government explain the statement by it’s Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed last week that the Federal Goverment spends N3.5m monthly to feed the detained leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria(IMN), El-Zakzaky and his wife while the Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Danbazzau confirmed recently that the same government spends N14,000 daily to feed each prisoner? This is further confirmation of the extent of the unimaginable corruption being perpetrated by this government.
“The implication of this is that, if summed up, averagely, it cost the Federal Government N420,000 to feed each each prisoner monthly.
“This figure is far below the N3.5m the APC Government claims it is spending to feed the leader of the Shiite group and his wife monthly.
“It is rather very ironical that the APC Government can afford to engage in wasteful spending , yet can not afford to pay it’s loyal civil servants a paltry sum of N30, 000 minimum wage they are demanding for.
“Nigerians are tired of the lies and deception and will not hesitate to vote SDP which stands for Equity, Justice and Fairness into power in 2019. A party that is youth and women friendly and have zero tolerance for corruption.
“A party like the SDP which is committed to the welfare and well being of the masses is what Nigerians are looking for at this time to end all the impunity, gross abuse of due process and massive corruption ravaging this country to revamp the economy,” he said.
The National Publicity Secretary said the SDP has provided Nigerians with the best candidate for Presidency in the 2019 election.
According to him, the APC and PDP party’s presidential candidates are no match to the former Governor of Cross Rivers, Donald Duke who, he described as young, vibrant, energetic, purposeful, result oriented, a visionary leader who is full of results.
“Our set of candidates across the country are all that Nigerians as a whole need in this critical time”. Alfa explained that a vote for Donald Duke in the forthcoming election is a vote for victory and liberation of the country from backwardness, poverty, unemployment, corruption and what have you. Duke according to him is the best candidate to right the wrongs of the failure of the APC Federal Government.
“PDP is not the next option for Nigerians either because the party laid the bad foundation which the APC government has capitalised on to further cause more havoc to this country”.
“SDP is the only party that can save Nigerians from the malady that they are in presently. The leadership of the party will remain resolute and continue to work tenaciously and relentlessly to ensure victory in 2019,”the National Publicity Secretary added.
Credit :City Source
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