2019:Senator Aidoko Tasks Kogians To Recover Their Destinies Through PDP



Senator representing Kogi east,Atai Aidoko Ali has appealed to the people of Kogi state to support the presidential bid of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar/ Peter Obi, as that is the only way the battered and shartered destinies of the people of kogi state will be recovered from underdevelopment


Senator Aidoko gave this advise during the inauguration of the state PDP campaign team for the February 2019 general elections,saying the worst had happened to kogi state in the last three years both at the state and Federal level


Senator Aidoko reminded the people of the state,that the ripe time is “now or never”,If the state must move from the shackles of shylock leadership,irredeemable promises,glaring maladministration,utter nepotic and favouritism,as well as tendencies of insecured state and environment


He said the situation in the state under APC has worsened the basic livelihood of the people, and compounded by the federal authorities, who obviously under the guise of constitutional limitations shield from its advisory roles, to a state that had bedevilled the people with satanic way of governance

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The Chairman senate committee on SDGs,urged kogians to shun selective patronage of PDP candidates ,as being contemplated in some quaters,said the best sacrifice for the suffering kogi people, is to muzzle strenght and force together,and vote massively for the party and its candidates in February


According to Aidoko, “it is only in Atiku/Obi,that our people will be rest assured of good governance, that will ensure checks and balances,robust economy,job creation,and revival of our moribund companies that will lead to massive engagement of our people in profitable ventures

Senator Aidoko assured the people that the exodus of foreign investors from kogi state, was as a result of bad leadership of the current APC led federal and state government


“We had assurances from multinational companies and corporate organisations ,who were ready to site companies that would have served as alternative to many people deliberately thrown into labour market by the state government,under the guise of screening and ghost workers syndrome,but became worse,for obvious lapses from the federal government led by APC”

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“As at the last time check,the proposed greenfield refinery due to be located in Ajaokuta became a mirage,owing to bad government policies,this alone would have engaged over 10,000 workers of indigenes and non indigenes,attract petty trading and relive the economy of the state”


“Even  some companies that were already on ground folded up owing to bad government policies and over taxing,as the Federal authorities does not help matters by several attempts to sell without due processes to their stooges the moribund ASCO,NIOMCO,Okaba coals,that ordinarily would have been revived,untill the intervention of the Senate recently”


“Efforts by the Federal lawmakers to ressolve the lingering Ibaji oil crises had met brick walls, because of lack of enabling environment from the state and federal authorities to take urgent measures to ressolve the matter and create a leeway for the people to join the wagon of employed people from the oil companies extracting the natural endowment ”

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All these anomaly and clear leadership failures and miscarriages,will be resolved when we throw our weight behind Atiku/Obi In the next election


Senator Aidoko urged the people of kogi state to jettison any influence under any guise ,and confront without hesitation,attempt by the state government and federal authorities to induce the people with immediate benefits that cannot stand the taste of time


The Kogi east senator told the people of the state to get acquainted with the style of politics adopted by the present administration in kogi ,having embraced violence and thuggery as well as intimidation of eligible voters,as it is a clear indications of unpopular and misgovernance carried out in the last three years


“What we are witnessing in kogi state today,is a clear sign of a group of drowing people,who have held the people of the state to ransom in the last three years,and it is high time we pay them back in their own coins”.Senator Aidoko asserted


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