Alh Dr Sanusi Abubakar Gamji; a Golden asset to the nation- Gamji Media Team

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A group, Gamji Media Team.(GMT), has said that the rising profile of Alh Dr Sanusi Abubakar Gamji in National politics was as a result of his meticulous calculation, highly rated intelligence quotient and being able to duly visualize into the political future of the Country

According to the group, this made him pitch his tent with some few like minds to prepare for Asiwaju ‘s aspiration for presidency in 2022.

He was made the coordinator of TSG for Kogi state and North central for that project. Interestingly Asiwaju won the APC presidential primaries even when other notable Nigerians were also on the ballot but he saw the light from the beginning.

It noted that Gamji’s meticulous guidance through the primaries threw him up for the position of Chairman Kogi state elders forum due to his very versatile and total commitment to lead with fear of Allah.

“His contribution to the Asiwaju mandate was laudable enough for due recognition as Director Protocols and Events North presidential campaign council and also As Coordinator Kogi state Independent campaign council and Chairman , Data , Research and Verification ICC.

“Dr Sanusi Abubakar Gamji, a man with an unblemish character, a philanthropist per excellence, a political calculator and erudite tactician was accorded his due place in the campaign council.
His role in shaping and reviving the prominence of APC in his home, Kogi State, is worthy of commendation. We congratulate you on the success of APC in the Just concluded Presidential Election.

“May Allah crown your committed efforts with resounding promotion in the next Government.
Weldon Dr Sanusi Abubakar Gamji, the enigma of our time.

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