Gamji, Epitomizing Conscientious Leadership

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Ibrahim Obansa, Lokoja

As the 2023 general elections reach a crescendo, with political practitioners and gladiators locked in a supremacy contest, trumpets and propaganda are being horned here and there. In the ensuing cacophony and seeming environment of chaos is thereby created, particularly by paid praise singers, which is born out of the exigencies of the moment. New names and sometimes political novices with deep pockets, seem to have found their opportunity in the bid to hoodwink the masses and portray themselves as champions of the people, especially our people, Anebira. But despite the ploy and plan of these desperate and ostentatious folks, the deep truths and facts cannot be concealed.

Decerning and conscientious men cannot, and will not be swayed. The indelible imprints of the real heroes and legends of Kogi Central cannot, and will not be lost in the excitement and euphoria of the moment. Kogi Central, the people of Ebiraland know their own, those who have stood steadfast by their side through thick and thin.

Some towering personalities who have echoed and championed the interest of the common man, whether in public or private station, will definitely stand out as testament to the above assertion. Hence, one particular man whose uncommon and unalloyed commitment to the cause of Anebira and Kogi Central in general who deserves to be singled out anytime, any day, even as to serve as a standard for these teaming new comers, political wannabes and even the established political juggernauts in Kogi Central, is Alhaji Sanusi Abubakar Gamji.
He is humble, honest and benevolent. He has been an ardent advocate for a people and service oriented politics. He is a grassroots politician who has his eyes on human and material potentials of Kogi state and in particular, kogi Central. He has consistently mobilized and led several movements for the renaissance of the state and the district, both on the political, social or cultural fronts.

According to his developmental ideology, Kogi Central and Anebira are too endowed, and by such, basic poverty should be alien to her people. Single handedly, he has fostered a number of initiatives and projects designed to alleviate poverty, empower the youths, provide healthcare for the sick as well as give voice to the downtrodden.

While he has had a multitude of national recognitions and awards, he has deliberately chosen to focus his development based aspiration on Kogi Central, which is premised on the assumption that charity begins at home. It means that one must solve the problem in his home before attempting to solve the outside ones.

He believes that the people of Ebiraland must anchor their developmental philosophy on the principles of brotherhood, empathy, egalitarianism, equity and mutual respect.

Alh.(Dr.) Sanusi Abubakar is a man of many strides; he believes that leadership has continued to be an age-long problem for the district and that leadership at every level down to the ward must be accountable to the people.

In Alhaji Sanusi Abubakar Gamji, Anebira are hopeful in the prospect of what the future holds for our beloved Ebiraland.

May Allah, in His infinite conception, favour him as the pendulum of political power swings anew with the incoming dispensation.


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