Nigeria, ‘the Giant of Africa’, will bounce back in glory

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Kehinde Emmanuel, Ilorin

One of the United Nation’s Eminent Peace Ambassadors, Ambassador, H.E. Queen Mother, Amina Temitope Ajayi, aka Mama Diaspora, has said that Nigeria will bounce back to her preeminent position as ‘the Giant of Africa,’ during the incoming administration of the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

She said that the President-elect has administrative acumen, patriotic zeal, business wizardry, political dexterity and diplomatic finesse, to make Nigeria truly the ‘Giant of Africa.

She spoke to journalists on Wednesday in Lagos after she, and members of the Iconic Asiwaju Women of Substance, organised a Ramadan lecture and prayers session with the Aseyori Islamic Foundation and the Lagos State with the Iman General, Nupe, Lagos State communities. The prayer was also to commemorate the President-elect’s 71st birthday anniversary.

Dignataries that attended the prayer session included: Alhaji Mohammed Yahaya Patigi, Secretary Nupe Forum; Falilat Sheikh Alhaji Mohammed Idris Sapa, Chief Imam Nupe General Lagos State; Falilat Sheikh Alhaji Aminu Faki Awali Lafiagi; Chief Iman Faki Nupe General, Alhaji Mohammed Sode and Chairman Committee, Alhaji Abubakar Sabo Turesura.

She stated that there will be great foreign direct investments into Nigeria during the tenure of Asiwaju.

Chief Ajayi said, “Our Messiah has arrived. You will see the inflow of foreign direct investment. I am one of the consultants for Fortune 500 in the USA.

“Do you know how many people have approached me that they are ready to come to Nigeria now? The foreign investors in America, China, India Turkey, and Carter are all very happy now.

“They are ready to invest and revamp Nigeria. By the time, he assumes office, our nickname, ‘the Giant of Africa’, will come back where we can work around the world and be respected as Nigerians.”

“The Almighty God has answered our prayers. We have crossed the red sea. Moses has taken us to cross the red sea from the Pharaohs of this world. Our new song now is.

“’Unto thee or Lord do we lift up our soul. O Lord our God, we trust in you. Do not let us not to be ashamed our enemies triumph over us’.”

Our prayer against this is that we should continue to lift up our heads unto the hills, from where cometh our help, our help cometh from the Almighty God that made heavens and earth.

“The third one is the cry of the faithful availeth much.’ Nobody has ever seen God but God will send a helper to us in human form.

“The saviour, the finisher, the President elected by the special Grace God will revamp this economy. He will help the young adults. They are smart.”

She appealed to the President-elect to give the youth and women good positions and opportunities in his administration.

She called on Nigerians to support Asiwaju to make his administration prosperous and peaceful.

Chief Ajayi said, “I want to appeal to the President-Elect to have three ministers in every ministry, the first one is the senior minister, the second one is the minister of state and the third one should be a youth minister. Let us start using their intellectual property, they are smart. They are very creative.

“Look at the election and what would have happened. They said an idle man is the devil’s workshop. My young adults got carried away.

“Nigerians should look at Asiwaju as an angel sent to us from above. Democracy, they say, is the government of the people by the people and for the people.

“The masses have spoken. We have the President-elect. Let us remember our former national anthem: Nigeria we hail thee, though tribe and tongue differ, in brotherhood and sisterhood we all stand.

“We should all hug each other, we should suck it up and knock it out and embrace each other and support the new regime that is about to kickstart.”

She added, “Asiwaju has the heart to help people. He assisted me when he was in Mobil and assist me in lifting oil from Kwaibe to Eket.

“What do you think he is going to do for these young adults? He is a man that loves women. He loves the young adult too I was a young adult and a woman when he assisted me. I was about to buy myself propel barge, but they said the business was not for women.

“So I was about to quit but my brother, Asiwaju, said you can not quit, come on and join them. That was what I was doing before I went into exile because of June 12.

“To be honest, he has suffered for this democracy everybody is enjoying.

“We all ran away. We have our manifesto, June 12 democracy manifesto. So what we have been doing since that time, the dreams of Awolowo, our late father, the dream of our late father, Abiola is not being passed on the baton and it is on the Jagaban, Asiwaju.”

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