Rights activist calls for scrapping of KOTRAMA, to be merge with VIO in kogi state.

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—-says govt. must respect the court judgement.

A human Rights Activist, Idris Miliki Abdul, Executive Director,
Conscience for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution (CHRCR),
Lokoja, Kogi State, has called for the scrapping of Kogi State Transport Management Authority (KOTRAMA), due to complaints of Human Rights Abuse and passive illegal activities.

In a statement signed by the ED and made available to journalists in Lokoja, said, a legally constituted agency or institution cannot be seen or allow to be perpetrating illegality.

It will be recalled, that the Kogi House of Assembly on the 5th September 2022, organised a public hearing through its Ad-hoc Committee to probe Alleged Illegal Activities of the Kogi State Transport Management Authority (KOTRAMA) due to complaint of Human Rights Abuse and passive illegal activities.

“The question was that and still, is KOTRAMA a revenue agency? As been seen on the street through it’s activities or are they law enforcement agency? It must also be noted that the law that established KOTRAMA was passed by Kogi State House of Assembly.

Miliki however stressed that any Law Passed that is inconsistent with the provision of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended, to that extent of its inconsistency cannot stand.

“The pronouncement or the ruling of the Kogi State High Court on the 30th of March, 2023, declared that the activities of KOTRAMA is illegal.

According to the ruling of Justice Clement Kekere of High Court 10, which made the order as a result of a matter instituted by one Barrister Martin Atojoko, has put a question mark on the activities of the agency.

“Outside this, there had always been complaints against the activities of KOTRAMA in Lokoja as a result of their excesses at different times.

“It has always been our opinion that, the Law and activities of KOTRAMA violates the fundamental rights of the citizens they are created to protect.

“We wish to appreciate the Judiciary to have come to rescue the citizens from the hands and the illegality of KOTRAMA.

“We call on the Kogi State Government to respect this High Court order on KOTRAMA, as a law abiding and democratic government, who must respect the rule of Law.

“We call on the state governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello to scrap KOTRAMA and merge it with VIO.

“And if KOTRAMA continues their Illegal activities as declared by the High Court, it’s officials and Management should be charged with contempt of Court.


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