APC Primary: The Imperative of Choosing Jibrin Momoh

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By Abdulrahaman Onimisi

Destiny always beckons on a man whose trajectory is dotted with grace and benevolence. Like every other things in life, thrones of leadership are given by God. A journey of one’s enthronement has destiny as the fuel. The story of Momoh Jibrin is not far from this, as he has always been a force to reckon with in every facet of human endeavour.

His salient qualities alongside his innate leadership dexterity put him ahead of others who are slugging out for the Golden Ticket of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

Alhaji Jibril’s ingenuity, and managerial acumen have been proven in few privileged offices he has hitherto served and he has lucidly shown to be a man who has date with destiny.

Jibrin Jimoh clearly depicts a popular maxim a “golden fish has no hiding place” as he has glaringly shown to be a man with paragon tastes when it comes to services especially in leadership and humanitarian affiars. This is the fulcrum that informs his choice and a call for him to throw in his hat for the Governorship race in the forthcoming primary election.

As a man who is constantly mindful of what History remembers him for, is one of the few amongs other aspirants with an unblemish antecedents and an indelible track records whose qualitative cranial endowments in the field of public finance management helped the state to win numerous World Bnak Grants and awards.

It suffices it to say that, under his stewardship as the Chief Supretendent of the State’s Treasury, he developed novel technological driven policies in the management of the state funds which have been understudied by many other states in the country based on World Bank’s recommendations.

Besides his penchant for fairness and Justice, Kogi state needs a man like Alhaji Jibrin who will consolidate on the ongoing reforms and multiple achievements by Governor Yahaya Bello-led administration. As someone who is part of the present government, it is imperative to entrust the soul of the state into his hand rather than entrusting it to the hand of an administrative amateur who will end up exprementing the state’s destiny.

Hence to make Kogi State at par with others in terms of development and growth, Momoh Jibrin is the best for the job owing to his competence, vision and accomplishments. The choice of Momoh Jibrin is unarguably a choice for Unity, peace and progress.

Vote for the Best!
Vote for JBest.

Abdulrahaman Onimisi is a Public Commentators and he writes from Lokoja, Kogi state

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