Kogi Guber 2023: Advancing And Consolidating Apc’s Time Tested Victory

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The attention of the All Progressives Congress Activists Forum, APCAF, has been drawn to the news item publicising a delegation of the so called Audu/Faleke political structure (APC Kogi East) credited to have paid a visit to the National Secretariat of the APC and were received by Deputy National Chairman North. Led by one Senator Dangana Ochaja, in which he tasked the National Working Committee of the party to a level playing ground for every aspirant to ensure a free, fair and transparent Kogi State governorship primary nomination process.

It behoves us to therefore state: “It has become an axiom that in a democracy (as opposed to Danganacracy), election is won through mobilization of popular support base and votes from the mass of the electorates. And towards that end, nobody serves you power a la carte. It is on this premise we find it necessary to dissect the motives behind the activities of Sen. Dangana Ochaja and his co-conspirators.

It is equally important to express our dismay with the champions of zoning the APC guber ticket to a particular ethnic group, acting out a premeditated script of pernicious self serving political game plan. In a polity that has gone through the trauma of tribal cleavages, there is need for crucial therapy in support for unity, togetherness and competence. Kogi State cannot afford another round of arrangement devoid of competence and merits.

Unfortunately, a minority section of the political class in the state, with half baked concepts and ill-digested ideas, owing loyalty to no other person than their clients are trying to sow the seeds of discords, confusion and distrust. They are determined to hoodwink the party delegates, turn black to white and raise base sentiments to becloud matters, which the people of the state have dismissed with maturity and profound understanding.

While not grudging the rights of any contestant the liberty to clamour, deepening the principles of democratic values during the forth coming gubernatorial primary nomination exercise, we must posit the party in Kogi State as constituted in the last eight years has been a political winning machine in every free and fair party primaries or the overall general elections at all levels.

It would be irresponsible on our part to say we are surprised by the hollow posture and ranting of Senator Dangana Ochaja and his collaborators politically masquerading as if having the ability to deliver the party during the forth coming gubernatorial contest in the state. The truth of the matter is that the party as presently constituted undoubtedly demonstrated the capacity to win elections in the recently concluded Presidential, National Assembly and House of Assembly election in the state. The party came out in flying colours to the admiration of committed party members across the country.

The feat attained by the Kogi APC based on the outcome of the 2023 general elections elevated the winning formula of the party as role model in both the region and the nation at large. The success of the party was a form of irreversible quite revolution, unprecedented in the political annals of the state.

Therefore, it is completely laughable and pretentious for any one to start making false claims of lack of level playing field in the Kogi APC. It is interesting to note that without level playing field and transparent nomination processes witnessed during the build-up to the 2003 general elections in Kogi, the party couldn’t have recorded the monumental victory witnessed after the polls in the state.

Rather than masquerading the real intention, their intention, is expedient for Dangana, his sponsors and co- travellers to surmoun courage to disclose their real agenda towards the forth coming party primary nomination processes in Kogi State. They should perish the idea and desperation of using the name of Late Abubakar Audu including exploiting his goodwill for the attainment of their dishonest voyage. Their dubious but failed plot seeking for rights to first refusal for the APC gubernatorial ticket on behalf of his pay masters is dead on arrival.

It is disheartening that some political desperados devoid of electoral value and prowess are trying to undermine the existing victorious party structure in Kogi just to satisfy their narrow political agenda.

Sen. Dangana is weeping, waiting, raving and ranting in deferrance to the imminent democratic hurricane about to hit him badly. The only option he has is to admit the fact that his recent activities are detrimental to his person and eroding cohesion and principles of party discipline. Such admission must arouse his consciousness about the present nature of APC Kogi East politics. The nature of dominant political space in which he lives, with newly elected representatives mandated by the people few weeks ago must be ready to make amends.

We are glad to state that both the President Elect and the National Secretariat of the APC are aware of the characters behind the new found agitation using Sen. Dangana as the poster boy. We can state with fair amount certainly about their readiness to call them to order.

In conclusion, let us use this opportunity to plead most sincerely to allow the National Secretariat of the APC to allow Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello to lead the way in support of the best aspirant imbued with capacity to build on his selfless legacies to emerge as the candidate of the party during the primary selection process.

That given the party’s overwhelming victory and performance at the just concluded general elections of 2023 against the monumental and surmountable challenges that confronted us, extreme care and caution must be taken to ensure that the party produces the very best candidates with capacity, competence, vision and experience to win in the forthcoming gubernatorial elections.

That the All Progressives Congress Activists Forum( APCAF) has resolved beyond any reasonable doubt to overwhelmingly support and endorse His Excellency,YAHAYA Adoza Bello, to produce his own change-agent and successor as history has shown that the governor has perfected the unique sterling abilities to win elections even from impossible angles and to woo the grassroots electorates in the state and beyond.

Ibrahim Jimoh Esq
National Coordinator,(APCAF)

Tunde Braimoh Ado Esq
National Secretary,(APCAF)

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