Ovia Osese festival: Ex Gov. Bello aide tasks Govt. to invest more on culture

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The immediate past Chief Press Secretary to Kogi State Governor Petra Akiti Oyegbule has called on Government at all level to invest massively in developing Nigeria culture to correct value system in our society.

Oyegbule who described culture as unique in Africa setting made the call during the celebration of the 2023 Ovia Osese festival held in Ogori Magongo Local Government of Kogi State.

According to her, the Ovia Osese festival is well structured stressing that, Government at all level should be interested in the festival to give it more colour by exporting it as part of the Country heritage.

“We are Nigerians. Nigeria is very beautiful because of the people that makes it up, and the people are the culture. We are proud of our culture that is why it is important for the Government to always encourage the people in preserving our cultural heritage.

“Alot of things will be benefited if government invest in our culture especially like what we are celebrating here in Ogori. It will boost our internally generated revenue, shoot Ogori, Kogi State and Nigeria to the international scene.

“We are very rich in culture, so it is very expedient for us to let the whole world know that that Ogori people are not just know for their intellectual process both home and abroad, but also have their reach cultural heritage which can be marketed across the globe”.

On the way to correct the importation of foreign culture in our society, she said Nigeria should promote what they have and respect it.

She opined further that, parent must go back to the drawing board to inculcate culture that are good to ensure proper upbringing of their children.

Oyegbule, however, called for more publicity for Ovia Osese festival to gain international recognition.

“It is what you package and sell to the world that the world is interested in buying. In today’s world where there are too many competitive product, event and issues for people to focus their attention, we just need to do a little bit more to attract this” she added.

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