Ajia pray God  to  ameliorate Nigerians suffering, as he marks 44th

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Emmanuel kehinde,Ilorin 

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of  Funab Group of Companies Ltd, Alhaji Ibrahim Mohammed Ajia has urged prayers for Nigeria while also praying God to guide the nation’s leaders aright.

He has also  asked God to bring  succor to Nigerians in order to ameliorate their  sufferings  following the removal of petrol subsidy and its concomitant economic hardships.

Alhaji Ajia also opined that the mitigation measures including food aid programmes have not brought desired solutions to the economic crisis in the country.

The popular businessman and politician said this in a statement issued  to mark his 44th birthday which was made available to journalists by  his Director of Communications, Mr. Abdulrahman Aliagan on Friday.

Alhaji Ibrahim Ajia becomes another year older today, Friday, September 15, 2023.

 ‘I want to use the occasion of my birthday to pray  Almighty God to ease the sufferings of  Nigerians, especially the ordinary citizens  in the face of the current economic crisis arising from the removal of fuel subsidy. I also pray God to guide our country’s leaders aright and to bring divine succor that will ameliorate the sufferings of Nigerians.

I pray  God to help our leaders to govern with wisdom and integrity, so that they can work for the betterment of all citizens. I pray for a reformed judicial system that will guarantee respect and confidence in the rule of law. I pray for an end to corruption and violence in Nigeria as well as overcoming other challenges that  may have hindered us from becoming a united, peaceful and prosperous nation’ he said.

Alhaji Ajia has also urged government at all levels to pursue policies and programmes that will facilitate economic growth and development in the country while stating  the need to come up with  policies that will have direct and positive impact on Nigerians .

 ‘It is essential for the government to implement policies that will create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive, provide jobs and establish social safety nets that will cushion the effects of economic hardship on the citizens’ he added.

The Ilorin –born top businessman also emphasized the need for the government to prioritize the welfare of the citizens, noting that if the government implements policies that prioritise the welfare of the masses and encourage entrepreneurship, it will provide the needed impetus for economic growth, job creation, and poverty reduction.

 “I want to remind all of us that we are capable of achieving whatever we desire when we work together. Let us take pride in our history and culture and not to forget our roots or the struggles that have brought us to where we are today. Let us renew our commitment to building a brighter, more prosperous country for ourselves and our children. I pray that, our unity continues to be our strength to usher Nigeria into the Promised Land’  Ajia, a security expert, submitted while adding that Nigeria is a land of great potentials and promises.

The statement also noted that Ajia’s birthday celebration ‘is a call to action’ for the government and all Nigerians to work together towards a better future for the country.

As Nigeria is about to celebrate its 63 years of independence, precisely  on October 1, it is important that the government and citizens alike commit to working towards building a stronger and more prosperous nation for all”.

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