Post Subsidy Regime Calls For Calm, Patience–SWAGA

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—– Begins Non-Partisan Distribution Of Succour In Kwara

 Emmanuel Kehinde,Ilorin 

The leading support group for the election of President Bola Tinubu, the South West Agenda for Asiwaju (SWAGA) has reiterated that post subsidy removal requires a calm and patient approach from Nigerians given that the country’s economy have suffered battery in the last four decades.

The group made this declaration in Ilorin on Tuesday during the flag off of palliative distrubution to cushion the effect of subsidy in fuel price removal.

 According to the group, the giving of rice bags in Ilorin to Kwarans captured is just the begining of many support and succour already designed by SWAGA which only coincided with the national plan by federal government.

“But most importantly, we urge Nigerians to be calm at this time. No amount of money, material benefits can assuage in totality what we are giving out.

“However, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is well aware of all these but also realises that Nigeria’s economy has to be in firmer footing given that the economy has suffered in the last forty years.

“The President is not ready to play any blame game becuase our situation does not require such. 

“We, at SWAGA, understands that we have to go beyond partisanship and bring in all Nigerians. 

“President Tinubu is not the President of APC or SWAGA but Nigeria’s president. So our outreach in terms of palliative distribution must be non partisan,” said Hon Oyetunde Ojo, former House of Reps member and convener of SWAGA.

He also stated that SWAGA will also monitor full implementation of palliatives disbursements to states.

“President Tinubu has consistently reiterated that Nigerians should ask their respective governors for details of proceeds from subsidy removal sent to all states.

“We move around a lot and we report back to the presidency what we see”,  said Hon Ojo.

Also speaking, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq of Kwara state said he was confident that President Bola Tinubu will turnaround Nigeria’s economy in the next four years.

Governor Abdulrazaq, who doubles as the chairman, Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF), added that, though, the president needs the prayers of all Nigerians.

Represented by his deputy,  Mr. Kayode Alabi, the governor said that “by the grace of God in the next eight years Asiwaju Tinubu would have turned around the economy of the country, but we need to support him with prayers.

“He cannot do it alone. I know he is a good administrator and a team player. In politics, some people will smile and laugh with you but behind they will plot your down fall.

“There is time for everybody. This is Tinubu’s time. That is why the enemies could not bring him down. They tried with the change in Naira, caused fuel scarcity and did every hang-up but could not bring him down.

“I have never seen a politician like President Bola Tinubu. Any day I meet him one on one I will tell him to write a book about his political journey so that future politicians will draw a lesson from his experience. 

“For a man that moved from the private sector into politics against all odds, Tinubu fought a sitting government to a standstill. It is very difficult to fight a sitting government anywhere in the world. A president can turn the richest man in the world to a poor man under three months. 

“All the apparati of government fought against Asiwaju Tinubu not to get the ticket and rose against him, he still won. You know why? His heart is richer than his pocket. Tinubu has uplifted a lot of people. That is why I am not surprised he is the Nigerian president today”.

Chairman of SWAGA, Sen. Dayo Adeyeye, who was also at the event, said that the palliative distribution showed that the organisation of SWAGA goes beyond just election winning.

“Have you seen any other party do the things we have been doing in terms of reaching out to ordinary Nigerians?” he asked rhetorically.

Reacting in a similar vain, Raji Ibrahim, coordinator, NCAA/SWAGA, said that the work of given succour to ordinary Nigerians in the light of the above.

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