Ododo’s Imminent Victory: Confirmed By The Successful Inauguration Of APC Kogi Governorship Election Campaign Council

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By Shehu Otuoze Yahaya (Lashek)

The recently held inauguration ceremony for the APC Kogi State November 11, 2023 Governorship Election Campaign Council marked a significant milestone in the political landscape of Kogi State. The event, led by His Excellency Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello CON, Chairman of the Campaign Council showcased the unity, strength, and determination of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in their quest for victory.

The presence of top political figures from the three senatorial districts, as well as the active participation of the State APC Executives, added to the grandeur and promise of the occasion. With the appointment of the Honorable Minister of Steel, Prince Shuaibu Abubakar Audu, as the Director General of the State Campaign Council, the APC has further bolstered its chances of delivering a resounding victory for it’s candidate, Alh. Ododo Ahmed Usman (OAU).

The inauguration ceremony witnessed the convergence of influential political figures from across the three senatorial districts of Kogi State. This impressive show of unity displayed the broad-based support that the APC enjoys, as well as the collective commitment to the success of their candidate, Alh. Ododo Ahmed Usman (OAU) and his running mate Hon. Joel Oyibo.

The presence of Hon. Abdullahi Bello, the hardworking and dependable chairman of the State APC, along with other key party stakeholders and members, underscored the party’s readiness to lead Kogi State into a prosperous future.

A significant highlight of the event was the appointment of Prince Shuaibu Abubakar Audu, the Honorable Minister of Steel, as the Director General of the State Campaign Council. Prince Shuaibu, being the son of the late political sage of Kogi State, Prince Abubakar Audu, brings with him a profound understanding of the state’s political landscape and a legacy of political acumen.

His appointment signifies the party’s strategic move to leverage his experience and knowledge in steering the campaign towards success. With Prince Shuaibu at the helm of the State Campaign Council, the APC has placed a capable and experienced leader in charge of executing their campaign strategy.

Central to the APC’s campaign is their candidate, Ododo Ahmed Usman (OAU), who has already established himself as a household name in Kogi State. Ododo’s reputation for brilliance, diligence, amiability, foresight, and charisma has resonated with the people, making him a popular and formidable choice for the governorship position.

Ododo’s proven track record of delivering results and effecting positive change further strengthens his candidacy. With a clear vision for the socioeconomic and political development of Kogi State, Ododo offers a promising leadership that embodies inclusivity, good governance, and progress.

The APC, with Ododo as their candidate, has emerged as the party and candidate to beat in the upcoming governorship election. The successful inauguration of the State Campaign Council, coupled with the presence of influential political figures and the support of the State APC executives, demonstrates the party’s unity and determination.

The appointment of Prince Shuaibu as Director General adds depth and experience to the campaign leadership. Ododo’s exceptional qualities and proven track record exemplify the kind of visionary leadership that Kogi State needs to achieve shared socioeconomic and political prosperity.

The APC/Ododo alliance has gained significant momentum and has positioned itself as the party and candidate to beat in the upcoming governorship election. Ododo’s commitment to good governance, development, and inclusivity resonates with the aspirations of the people of Kogi State.

As the campaign unfolds, the APC will undoubtedly leverage their unity, organizational strength, and the popularity of Ododo to connect with the electorate and rally support.

The party’s well-coordinated campaign strategies, under the leadership of His Excellency Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello CON, will further enhance APC chances of success.

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