Ode to my wife, Zainab

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By Alhaji Adeiza Momohjimoh

A whole 365 days, you left the home you so much laboured to build, the children you so cared for like no other things and you didn’t look back for a second? Death is indeed real and cruel.

I wake up every night to take a look at your pictures wondering if you are really no more. I still call your telephone lines wishing to hear your voice at the other end, all to no avail. In my closet, I cry and wish I am dreaming. How on earth will you abandon the four orphans you cared for, one from infancy as a four day old? All questions about the possibility of you leaving me and your children both biological and many others that fate bestowed their care on your shoulders, have become rhetorical as no answer is coming from anywhere.

“The mother of orphans” as you were fondly called, now has her own children as orphans. Our 17 years of marriage have become a watershed in my life. No pain can be as serious as this one. Death stabbed me on the back and the cut is deep. The healing can only be done by God Himself.

I, and your children have become orphans, no one wakes up at night to cover us with clothes when the weather is not friendly anymore. Only God knows how devastating life has become for me and your children in this period of 365 days.

My dear wife, I’m in pains. I wish and pray that the almighty God keeps your soul in the richest part of heaven and among His angels. May your wish for all the children you were raising before your departure come to fruition. I will consider this life not worthy of living, if the opportunity to meet again is not there. My dear wife, Zee, continue to rest in the bosom of almighty Allah until our reunion in heaven once more. Good night Oziada, you ran a good race. Though, short but very impactful

Alhaji Adeiza Momohjimoh
General Manager,
Radio Nigeria Prime FM, Lokoja

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