Benue Alliance for Good Governance (BAGG) Commends Governor Hyacinth Alia for Timely, Inclusive Recruitment into State Institutions

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The Benue Alliance for Good Governance (BAGG), extended its sincere appreciation to Governor Hyacinth Alia for his proactive approach in kick-starting recruitment processes within the state institutions, ensuring transparency and inclusivity throughout the endeavor.

Under Governor Alia’s leadership, BAGG applauds the approval of the recruitment of over 60 doctors, 140 nurses, and an additional 200 staff across various categories, totaling four hundred personnel at the Benue State University Teaching Hospital, Makurdi.

According to Dr. Aondoakaa Asambe, Convener, Benue Alliance for Good Governance (BAGG),
this significant step marks a departure from the past sixteen years, during which there had been a notable absence of open and genuine recruitment exercises within the state institutions.

BAGG acknowledges the Governor’s commitment to rectifying past discrepancies, particularly regarding the regrettable retrenchment of staff recruited shortly before the conclusion of the previous administration. Through the current recruitment initiative at the Teaching Hospital, Governor Alia has demonstrated his genuine intentions to uphold ethical standards and fulfill statutory obligations.

“The confidence of BAGG in the Alia administration remains steadfast, as evidenced by the administration’s dedication to moral governance and adherence to established protocols. With this recruitment initiative being launched within the first ten months of his tenure, BAGG anticipates similar attention to be extended to other institutions and the core civil service in due course.

“In recognition of Governor Hyacinth Alia’s commitment to elevating governance standards within a relatively short period, BAGG extends heartfelt congratulations and urges the Governor to sustain this momentum, ensuring that the trust bestowed upon him by the people of Benue State continues to be upheld.

BAGG also commends Dr. Terungwa Hwande for his instrumental role in supporting the Governor’s vision, notably for his remarkable efforts in revitalizing the management of the Teaching Hospital, thereby placing it prominently on the global map.

As stakeholders in the advancement of good governance, BAGG reaffirms its unwavering support for initiatives aimed at promoting the welfare and prosperity of the people of Benue State.

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