Abba Musa Nasidi Weds in Grand style


—- Creme de la creme Crowds Lokoja Amusement Park To Honour Couples

It was a glow of pleasure, pride and satisfaction at the colourful wedding of young Abubakar Musa Nasidi, in Lokoja, on Saturday, 1st October, 2022, when the eldest son of an Islamic purist and Journalist, Alhaji Musa Tanimu Nasidi, (Danjarida), Abubakar Musa Nasidi, wedded beautiful Aisha Muhammad Bello, from Maku family.

The Nasidis, in droves —young and old—were among a host of guests, comprising Journalists, Politicians, friends, well wishes, and other media colleagues from far and near, crowded the expansive Lokoja amusement park, in honour of an Islamic purist, Journalist, blogger and the publisher of an online news publication, The Analyst, Alhaji Musa Tanimu Nasidi, whose eldest son, Abubakar Musa Nasidi, bid farewell to bachelorhood at a colourful wedding reception (Wallimah) attended by hordes of guests.

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Hordes of dignitaries from all walks of life, thronged the event Centre to celebrate with young Tanimu Nasidi as he Celebrated an end to bachelorhood.

Notable Islamic Scholars of all creeds and BUK Co-Alumni of the groom, were among hordes of dignitaries who attended the glitzy wedding reception, as the guests were treated to a lavish refreshments while the host, Tanimu Nasidi, glowed with happiness.

Former speaker of kogi state house of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Alfa Imam, Khadis of the state shari’a court and prominent politicians, witnessed the wedding fatiha.

A bride-price of 50,000 naira was paid by the groom in the full glare of the public in line with the Islamic tradition. the newest couples in the Nasidi royal family, were joined by the excited crowds, who turned up in celebration with the excited couples at the colourful reception as wide excitement rent the air.

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The gleeful father of the groom, Alhaji Musa Tanimu Nasidi, was full of gratitude to the hordes of guests who honoured his invitation as his face gleamed with pleasure; as Factfinder news crew, saw a gleam of amusement in his eyes.

The Couples were indeed, in a happier mood as their eyes glint with pleasure of fulfilment. the young excited groom expresses his happiness:

” This is my happiest moment in Life, and we give thanks and glory to Allah for the bounties of Allah. I appreciate and eulogize my late caring mother whose love and moral teachings have greatly impacted my life till this glorious moment of joy; a starting point of my adulthood. I’m overwhelmed with pleasure, seeing the presence of everyone here who honours our family with their esteemed presence in celebration of ‘our lasting Love’ insha Allah.

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“My Dad, has given me the inimitable guidance to life, which influences my choices, including the choice of my beautiful life partner, Halima”, the groom said gleefully.

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