Alia is Benue’s best bet for 2023.


The level Benue has been mercilessly raped, only a public-spirited individual like Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia will be able to take charge of the saddle and bring succour to the suffering masses of the state.

Already, a circle of cold-hearted persons have ripped off the state and taken it to depth almost beyond redemption.

Show me a system in this state that is functioning, at least 50% at the moment.

Check the civil service. It has been bastardized to a sorry state. Is it Agriculture? Can someone tell us what has happened to ADC, BENTHA and BERNADA etc.

As an agrarian state, can someone tell us how many tractors the state has acquired and are in use since the inception of this administration? How about availability of farm inputs? Can anyone contradict me that fertilizer was distributed and made available to farmers this cropping season?

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How about our health care system? Can anyone point at any primary health care system in any of the localities that is working in Benue state?

Monies meant for rehabilitation, equipping and stocking of these healthcare facilities have been crudely embezzled.

We have a political leadership in Benue headed by Samuel Ortom that is fantastically magnanimous with corruption and ineptitude in governance.

Fixing Benue at the moment is as good as starting from ground zero.

So, anyone who is coming with the aim of making money for himself and his cronies will rather worsen the already pathetic situation.

Alia is selfless; he has overtime proven to be compassionate, very disciplined and focused.

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Throughout his evangelical journey, he lived his life working and caring for the downtrodden. He is a very popular priest known as a friend of the sick, destitute and aged.

Alia is not only intellectually well equipped, he is equally well prepared for the task. He has innovative ideas that if given a chance, will practically take Benue out of the pathetic situation and make it a state to be envied amongst states in the country.

Kula Tersoo is Spokesperson/Head of Communications, Alialization 2023.

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