Allegation against the Deputy Governor, Achuba: an outburst of a sinking man, says  aide 




The allegation made by Chief Edward Onoja to the effect that Kogi State Deputy Governor, Elder Simon Achuba is behind the underdevelopment of Ibaji LGA, has been described as an outburst of a sinking man.


Honorius Aromeh, Senior Special Assistant, on Political Matters to the Deputy Governor, stated this while reacting to comments made by Chief Edward Onoja at a town hall Meeting held at Onyedega, the headquarters of Ibaji LGA.


He wondered how a person in the capacity of the governor’s aide would sit in public to slant the office of the Deputy Governor by formulating lies, all in an attempt to cover inadequacies of a government on the number two citizen.


He said invariably the CoS is telling the world that the present government has failed, while calliing on him to go for a check.


According to Aromeh , ” Who was the contractor that alleged that the Deputy Governor collected kick back. Was it because the Deputy Governor also collected kick back that Bassa road is not completed? Was it because the Deputy Governor collected kick back that roads in the Western and Central Senatorial Districts are not done? Was it because the deputy governor collected kick back that made projects ongoing to be inconclusive, and that the government cannot commission a project in three years? Was it why workers and pensioners are not being paid salaries and pension for between thirty and five months?”.

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The SSA Political to the Deputy Governor described as a ruse, lies that the Deputy Governor tried creating disaffection between the Attah Igala and the Government.


He pointed out that, ” The Attah Igala is a father to the Deputy Governor and all their discussions at all times centre on the growth of Igala land.


The SSA said if the Deputy Governor is telling the traditional ruler not to support government, is he not also telling the Royal father not to support him?.


According to Aromeh, a situation where Chiefs were graded and upgraded without the knowledge of the Chairman, Council of Traditional Rulers and Chairmen of Local Government Traditional Councils could be reasons for gaps existing between government and the traditional institutions, and should not be traced to the Deputy Governor.


Aromeh said, the Deputy Governor is not aware of any committee investigating him because he has not been found wanting in the discharge of his duties.

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He described the efforts to paint Chief Achuba black by Chief Edward Onoja as efforts to win the support of Ibaji people after realising that the people were angry with government for not meetimg their yearnings and aspirations in the last three years.


According to Aromeh, the people of Ibaji LGA are angry with the present administration for not able to fix the road to Onyedega after the flood.


He described the action of Chief Edward Onoja as an attempt to score cheap popularity, by painting the Deputy Governor in that manner.


The SSA assured that the plan is not enough to sway Ibaji people who have made up their minds about the present administration and the cabals misleading the governor.


Hon Aromeh described Engr John Ibrahim as an indigene of Ibaji, who recently cross carpet from the PDP to the APC, saying he is a political friend of the CoS that was picked by the CoS to create embers of discord.


He further said owing to a lot of status questions that the duo need to answer, they cannot command the respect of Igala nation and Ibaji in particular in this regard. Besides, their antics cannot sway Ibaji people.

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Hon Aromeh said, the appointment of Chief Achuba as Deputy Governor was a divine intervention, even though it cannot be wished away that the CoS contributed.


He maintained that the CoS efforts would have amounted to a nullity if Gov. Yahaya Bello was not disposed to having him as Deputy Governor.


Hon Aromeh said the Deputy Governor’s loyalty is to Gov. Bello, and not his personal aide, lamenting  an era as is being presently witnessed in the state where the CoS has undue powers.


Aromeh disclosed that after the coming elections, the secret would be made opened, stating that all the outburst currently been made would be cleared to the people.


The SSA Political asked the people of Ibaji LGA to disregard the outburst of Chief Edward Onoja, asking him to go and take charge of Olamaboro LGA.


He said Ibaji people are more than ever united to fight for the progress and prosperity of the area.


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