Anambra Guber: My mission is to restore people’s confidence in governance – Moghalu



The Managing Director of National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA), and governorship aspirant in the forthcoming Anambra State gubernatorial election,. Dr George Moghalu, has said that his main mission is to restore the peoples confidence in governance.

Moghalu disclosed this on Friday in Lokoja while speaking on the sideline at a symposium to mark the 46th birthday anniversary of Gov. Yahaya Bello of Kogi State.

The governorship aspirant said that one of the major challenges leading to dearth of development advancement in the country was that there had been a disconnect between the people and the government.

“So, my mission mainly, is to restore confidence, restore the people’s confidence in their government before you talk of infrastructural development.

“The people will be willing to work with the government once their confidence is restored in the government. It is about engagement.

“When people see your honesty, your commitment, your dedication there’s no way they won’t listen to you. Issues of insecurity, insurgence and what have you are issues that will also attract my immediate concern”, he said.

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On his chances in coming APC governorship primaries in Anambra, Moghalu said, “I have offered myself and I know that I have what it takes.

“For me, I believe very strongly that power belongs to God and he gives to who He pleases at His own time. I’m confident that by the grace of God, I will make it.

Moghalu attributed the ills of the society to failing family values and parental upbringing saying that as a country and as a people, “We must look at our values to see where we got it wrong.

“We must develop a system where we look at our values. Our family values. We must accept the right values and reject the wrong values.

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“A situation where people who are not worthy of celebration are celebrated, acepted in churches, accepted in families and celebrated in communities should stop.

“Wrong things are wrong, right things are right. So, we must develop a system where we identify the wrong things and reject them wholly and when we see the right things, we accept them.

So when we do that we are sure that the situation will change, the people should work hard, they should be committed, remain focused, put their eyes on the ball, rely on God and work hard.

Moghalu also called for the overhauling of the nation’s with emphasis on promotion of technical and vocational education rather that just obtaining certificates that cannot be defended.

“Our education system needs re-examining, we need to work and look at it again fine tune education curriculum so that we can bring back those things we have lost and check the disconnect.

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“Our youths who went to school and who are graduates are unemployable because there have been so much emphasis on certificated education so much that people now go and procured the certificates.

And again issue of youth with regard to insecurity. Yes, I agree that we need to do quite a lot in terms of providing employment, there’s the need to diversify our economy so that emphasis can be laid on other areas because government cannot provide jobs.

Take it or leave it, government cannot because the number of opportunities the government has is limited.

So, what government needs to do is to create the enabling environment for the private sector to grow and once the private sector grows employment opportunities will abound.

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