As President Buhari steps in for another four years today



By Abdullahi Yunusa ProfWills

All is set for the inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo for a fresh and final term of four years. Quite frankly, expectations are very high, as Nigerians and friends of Nigeria expect a completely different and proactive administration which begins tomorrow, 29 May, 2019.

Truth is, there is no need denying the fact that there is still a lot to be done, especially as it relates to poverty alleviation, tackling insecurity, addressing youth unemployment, reducing illiteracy level, fighting corruption, addressing infrastructure deficit and improving our poor business climate or environment. Even though the outgoing administration has shown appreciable commitment and seriousness to fix the aforementioned issues, we still have a long way to go.

The expectation of an average Nigerian is to see that the country works and ultimately, Nigeria’s commonwealth is judiciously put to use for the benefit of all citizens. Governance isn’t rocket science. It is largely about identifying problems and coming up with workable solutions to them.

Nigeria has more than enough resources to go round its citizens, but the system is awkwardly structured in a way that it only favours a negligible few. Without being reminded, President Buhari should know that Nigerians are anxiously waiting and hoping for a better, eventful and result-oriented second tenure. I personally expect President Buhari to see his second coming as a democratically elected leader as a unique opportunity that shouldn’t be taken for granted.


Having survived a well orchestrated political, media onslaught and elite gang up against his re-election bid, we all expect him to prove his traducers wrong by doing things differently, better and faster this time around. There is really no time to waste given the quantum and complex nature of the challenges staring us in the face. As we approach the beginning of a fresh tenure tomorrow, we expect President Buhari to have concluded the search for competent, capable, young and experienced hands across all ethnic nationalities to drive his change agenda.

This time around, the President should be more nationalistic, cosmopolitan, open and transparent in his appointments. There is hardly any village or community in Nigeria that has no educated, exposed and competent hands fit enough to be appointed or assigned national tasks. The usual practice of skewing appointments to favour a section or region of a country as big, diverse and large as Nigeria will only breed ethnic suspicion and rivalry.The cabinet should be a blend of both the young and old. It should comprise of all Nigerians, regardless of their ethnic, religious and ideological backgrounds.

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On the corruption front, we expect to see a more transparent approach to tackling the menace. Relevant institutions involved in the anti-corruption war should be strengthened and allowed to operate freely without any form of interference. The war must be seen to be total, transparent, objective and not selective. We truly want to see people pay dearly for soiling their hands and shortchanging the country.

Corruption is without doubt a monster that must be fought and exorcised for Nigeria to attain its full potential.

Mr. President, for quicker and faster results, delegate responsibilities to your aides. Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has so far demonstrated capacity, competence, loyalty and brilliance in the discharge of his responsibilities, especially as seen in the successes recorded in the implementation of the Social Investment Programme.

Please, waste no time in constituting a cabinet once you are sworn in. Nigerians, especially your ardent supporters won’t accept any delay in assembling a crack team of technocrats, politicians and development experts to help realize the Nigeria of our dream.

Youth unemployment is a major issue that requires more than mere campaign rhetorics to tackle. Let’s open up the economic space, create a business-friendly/enabling environment, encourage youths to participate in mechanized agriculture as well as scale up supports for budding entrepreneurs, especially as it relates to access to loan and other incentives.

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Going forward, Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians. The responsibility to make it work for the good of all, including future generations is ours. Let us all be nationalistic in the way we go about our activities. How to fix the country, secure our land, guarantee economic prosperity for all and remain a united entity should come first in all our considerations.

Building a successful and prosperous country is not as simple as it seems. For us to take Nigeria to the realm of socio-economic prosperity, technological and scientific advancement, political stability and overall growth and development, all hands must be on deck.

Putting Nigeria on the path of progress requires hardwork, vision, sacrifice, consistency and strategic planning. We urge our dear President to be deliberate, focused and strategic in his resolve to develop and make the country far better and prosperous than he met it. God bless Nigeria and Nigerians.

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