CEDO And His Celestial Defenders



By Kingsley Fanwo

I had written quite a number of pieces about CEDO. He is a phenomenon. The reason why they talk about him is because he is a factor whose developmental weight has dominated the political space of Kogi today.

While some people have alleged that he was given “too much powers” by the Governor, I as an insider have seen how masterful this political genius is. He has masterfully made himself trusted and reliable. Leaders listen to people who are loyal, total, uncompromising and result-oriented. It is a timeless truth that CEDO is an extraordinary leader whose intelligence and drive for success stands him out. That is the difference between him and others.

His position is central and that Office has now been seen to be quite pivotal to the success of any Governor. He got it. He used it for his Boss and now, he is one of the most talked about CoS in Nigeria! It takes doing ordinary things extraordinarily to achieve such feat.

One thing many do not know about CEDO is that he learnt the art of politics. He contested election in the opposition. He mixed with leaders and people. His other positions in the private sector made him an advisor to many big time business and political leaders. These woven into one brings experience and versatility.

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Hegives. I do not have to write about this again. I did in the past. If you want to be like CEDO, give like CEDO. The Yorubas will say, “Aki lahun kaniyi”. (Stinginess and honor do not go together). He thinks of the poor. He attends to the needs of the poor.


PMB doesn’t joke with the impact of our Star Boy, Prof Yemi Osinbajo. Osinbajo hit the streets for PMB. Osinbajo is loyal and hard working. Osinbajo takes bullets for his boss. Remember the debate. He wanted to speak for PMB. He said he was trained to talk.

CEDO is the Star Boy of the GYB Government. Are you not shocked that he has supporters across the Senatorial Districts? His supporters are GYB supporters who love what he is doing for GYB.

How He Wins

His conscious and unconscious efforts make him a winner. Even when he lost election in the opposition, he was still a winner! He gained experience. He gained the invaluable knowledge of the workings of human hearts. He gained the knowledge of how to and how not to fail.

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In the last Sallah celebration, he went back home. He entered homes of people the society considers ordinary. He sat with them and listened to them. He gave them what he had. He gave them money and foodstuffs. More importantly, he gave them hope.
That is how to lead. You lead by listening to people. You lead by feeling their pulse. You lead with love. When you are a great leader trusted by the people, you win!
Prior to the last general elections, only a few thought CEDO will deliver Kogi East to APC.
Look at the simple construction here:

CEDO was up against PDP leaders, some of whom are former Governors, former Ministers, former Ambassadors.
CEDO was up against some “leaders” of his party who had gone to Abuja to tell the establishment there how GYB would not win a singe LGA. This set of people went home to clearly work for the PDP in order to prove the falsehood they sowed.
CEDO was up against the political feudal Lords who believe in Oligarchy and Democratic Monarchy. They believe only they or their children should govern the State.
CEDO was up against those who had used ethnic chauvinism to balkanize the people.


He believed he would win. And he won.

But he wasn’t the actual winner. He won for the people. He is loved by the man on the street. He is loved by the lives he has saved. He is loved by the destinies God uses him to change. He is loved by the people he gave food and water. He is loved.
I was at a Village in Kogi East recently. Their son was in the National Assembly for years and they had no water. CEDO gave them water. They left their son and voted for CEDO’s party.

Those making noise on the Facebook and alleging fake assassination attempt are in Abuja. CEDO is with the people.

Next time they complain to you, tell them you know the facts already.

CEDO will lead APC to victory again in November so that GYB can continue to chart the way for development and progress.

Keep doing it CEDO. We love you.
In you, GYB made a good choice that has helped his leadership and his government

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