Chief Momoh Obaro Speaks!


—-says Agents of Mischief maligning the name of Engr. Abubakar Ohere should hide their faces in shame.

My attention has been drawn to a
publication by one Gabriel Enoh and shared widely in the social media.

Part of the said writeup stated inter alia that:

“During his days at the Federal Ministry of Mine and Steel, Engr. Ohere was link to a corrupt activities with the then DG for
procurement, Alhaji Wali Nasiru.

This almost ended his career not until Chief Momoh Yusuf Obaro intervene using his political
connections and saved Ohere from being sacked”.

I wish to state categorically that this statement is false in its entirety.

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I have never intervened in any corruption charges involving Engr Ohere. This purported incident never happened. It’s a figment of the imagination of the writer.

I have never knowingly or unknowingly peddled lies. I publish what I verified to be the truth. People should desist using my name in any fabrication or cocktail of lies.

Please be warned!

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