Clerics task Nigerians on obedience, sacrifice



By Kehinde Akinpelu, Ilorin

The most spiritual mother of Comfort 2019, Lion of Judah Ministry Oke-Itun Agbo Jesu ,Rev.mother prophetess, Bukola F. Olaloye, has urged believers to be sensitive to people around them to help reducing crime rate on the society.

The Cleric said that isolation in the major cause of increasing cases of crime in the society.

Olaloye, urged the parents to monitor their children both in school or at home, so that they would not involved themselves in the society.

” I don’t want to believe that poverty is really the cause of high rate of crime among our people nowadays, because many of the victims were from well to do home. ” I think it is isolation sometimes and it is also part of what the Church preaching always.

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Talking on the  theme, “God king of the whole Universe Psalm 47vs7,the cleric said that social media networks had taken away human relationships.

Christian worshippers at the
need for Nigerians to imbibe the spirit of patience, obedience and sacrifice of  in their daily life formed  Clerics in Ilorin and environs during

He implored them to fear God by distancing themselves from sinful acts, encouraging them to be moderate in service God.

Olaloye also charged Christian to always remember their leaders in prayer for God to grant them guidance to lead the country aright.

According to him, patron, Joseph Adenile Gbenga said ,”on the insecurity, if i have the privilege to be with the president one on one, what i will make him to know is not well. Actually, all is well, when you look at the rate of crime, killing, kidnapping and the rest of them what i will advise the president is that he just need to go outside of those people around him”.

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At the end of the four days programme, in attendance by dignities such as, spiritual mother of the day, Rev. Mother Kemi Agbogunde Filial, So pro Juliana Schnooks, Ramah mother snr. Miss Ebola Ige

Father of the day, special Apo/pro Eri Hosanna from Ondo State, Snr/Apo Albert and Sedrach Oloso and others.

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