COMMUNIQUÉ issued by the Kogi State Shipprrs’ Association



A communiqué issued at the end of the maiden combined meeting of Kogi State Shipprrs’ Association with Leaders of Trades and Community Associations held on April15, 2021 at the Lokoja Area office of the Nigerian Shippers’ Council.

The meeting which was presided over by the President of Kogi State Shippers’ Association, Comrade Habuh-Rajan Suleiman has the privilege of playing host to the Lokoja Area Officer of the Nigerian Shippers’ Council, Mr Edwin Ignatius, the President, Kogi State Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (KOCCIMA), Secretaries and Chairmen of Trades and Commodity Associations, as well as other stakeholders.

The duo of Comrade Rajan and the Lokoja Area Officer of Nigerian Shippers’ Council, Mr Edwin, introduced the members of the recently inaugurated Executive Members of Kogi State Shippers’ Association as well as enumerating the inexhaustible benefits that members of Trades and Commodity Associations stand to gain from the free services of Nigerian Shippers’ Council in the course of engaging in export and import businesses.

After an extensive deliberation on the challenges confronting exporters and importers in the state especially those involved in air, water, rail and road transportation businesses, the meeting unanimously resolved as follows;

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1. The Nigerian Shippers’ Council established in 1978 is irrevocably ready to protect and defend (including providing free legal services) to Nigerian exporters and importers of goods. All that is required of this category of
businessmen and women in the state is to be duly registered with Kogi State Shippers’ Association on whose platform members are recognised and assisted to grow.

2. That there is urgent need for formidable synergy between the Nigerian Shippers’ Council, Government and Kogi State Shippers’ Association to create opportunities for maximising the abundant mineral and agricultural resources of the confluence state for the benefits of the people.

3. That there is also the urgent need to integrate Kogi State into the export – related businesses that require close collaboration between government and the organized private sector which include Kogi Chamber of Commerce. Industry, Mines and Agriculture (KOCCIMA), Manufacturers’ Association of Nigeria (MAN) Nigerian Association of Small Scale Industrialists (NASSI) and a host of others.

4. That the membership of Kogi State Shippers’ Association has been reactivated and strengthened to benefit owners of small and medium-sized companies in terms of accessing support services as well as protecting the investments of Nigerian shippers against foreign exploitation and arbitrary charges of shipping service providers.


That Membership of Kogi State Shippers’ Association is opened to all businessmen and women and prospective importers and exporters. The membership forms are obtained at the Secretariat of Kogi State Shippers’ Association.

5. While the membership of the Association is being consolidated, a four-day training workshop is being planned by Kogi State Shippers’ Association in collaboration with a leading consulting firm on eCommerce, import and export businesses in Nigeria in June this year. This will enable those in agricultural processing and manufacturing companies to key into the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AFCTA).

6. It is urgently imperative in the face of the diversification of the economy to embrace the need for establishment of Export Processing Hub in Kogi State, where members of Shippers’ Association can engage in various trades and value addition to agricultural commodities, including food processing, manufacturing, fabrication of iron and steel products, exportable art, crafts, fashion designs. Such Export Processing Hub helps local businessmen to benefit from common infrastructure and consequently add value to exportable goods in the ever competitive export businesses.


7. The meeting also resolve that Kogi State has all the potentials to be placed on the same pedestal with Abia, Lagos, Ogun and Kano States if government at all levels give support to business men who are willing to go into processing agricultural goods and add value to exportable items.

8. The meeting equally called on those who took loans from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to ensure prompt repayment as non performance of such loans especially as it affects Kogi state indigenes, may affect the future chances of geñuine farmers and other businessmen and women. There are indications that the increasing army of defaulters may hinder prospective applicants from the state despite new and numerous opportunities in CBN .

Habuh-Rajan Suleiman, President Kogi State Shippers’ Association

Donarus Okpe,
Public Relation Officer, Kogi State Shippers Association

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