Good bye Hate Speeches and fake news, Welcome decorum and common sense in Kogi central. 




By Otori Ozigi.


As I write this piece am conscious of the fact that we still have the state assembly election slated for March 9th to conclude the second stanza of this year’s election in Kogi state according to INEC time table.


And  that of the gubernatorial election comes up in November in the state . Viewed against this background therefore, it is safe to conclude that we have crossed the red Sea politically in Kogi central peacefully without too much bloodshed, loss of lives and wanton destruction of lives and properties in the land.

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All the emotive and passionate campaigns and rallies across the nooks and crannies have now been consigned to the dustbin of history.


Yes ,the just concluded Presidential/ National Assembly elections came with it all manner of reckless and unrestrained passion for fake news, hate speeches and outright libellous statements and comments from political actors and their hordes of supporters and party faithful.


Now that the winners and losers have emerged, it is now time to say bye bye to politics of bitterness and . acrimony in the community . The time has come to welcome decorum and common sense sense back to the land. We should make individual and collective efforts to heal the wounds in the land because of the political campaigns in this year’s elections.

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This is time to avoid all unguarded statements and misguided actions capable of igniting post election violence in the area. Let the winners be magnanimous in victory and embrace politics of inclusiveness when they eventually settle down to grapple with matters of governance.


The losers too should take their defeats at the polls in good faiths and stay away from further actions capable of heating the polity.


They should act like  good sportsmen. Long live Kogi central. Long live Anebira.


Otori Ozigi is a veteran  Journalist and PR consultant based in Kogi state .


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