Gov Lalong of Plateau state, charges journalists to strive for new value system 




Governor of Plateau state,  Simon Bako Lalong has advised  Media organisations and journalists to continuously strive to redifine new  value system based on God’s desire for the nation to love one another , serve one another and be honest to one another in this critical period of electioneering.


Simon Lalong  stated this on Monday during the occasion of UNDP Capacity building workshop for media groups on Conflict Sensitivity Reportage ahead of 2019 General Election in Collaboration with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs held in Jos, Plateau state,


According Governor Lalong, not being our brother’s keeper would see Nigerians as chasing shadows in their quest for objective reportage, sanity and greatness.


The Governor who was represented by John Wadili,  Director Research and Documentation equally said that it is a known fact that electoral violence or conflict usually triggers greater challenges for journalists especially when opposing sides seek to control the media information which could become unreliable or censored.

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He stated that a situation  like this is worsened by the old journalism adage which says “He who pays the piper dictates the tune” , saying media owners may want to dictate for the journalists how or what they should report.


He charged participants to wake up to the reality and take every aspect of the deliberations very seriously with a view to applying them in the  forthcoming elections that is coming up in few days, adding that “This is because in my  view,   Conflict – Sensitive Journalism or reportage of an election as encapsulated in this workshop is very crucial now as it empowers reporters to report conflicts professionally without feeding the flames of violence.


” The task  ahead of us is enormous for us to succeed as a prosperous nation and society,  we must draw from the lessons of the past in order to strategically build  on where we  are today for a prosperous tomorrow. Most critically too, we must resolve to imbibe the core values of deligence,  honesty and objective reportage, commitment to duty , respect for our traditions, loyalty to the state and above all,  the fear of God”.

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He emphasized that the attitudinal reawakening is a potent recipe for solid and enduring legacy in national  building , adding that “it incumbent in us to inculcate values and attitudinal reawakening in our younger generations when their minds are still fertile, magnetic and receptive of ideas . No doubt this centre has distinguished itself through relentless commitment to the development of the society and country at large.


He equally maintained that the importance of conflict sensitive reportage in a period of election on the value system and attitudinal  reawakening cannot be over emphasized given the fact that good or bad reportage can make or Mar an election,

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He added that conflict sensitive reportage constitutes the traditional role of journalism as far as the agenda setting role of the media is concerned. “Elections are often prone to violence and so in reporting election , the media and journalists are expected to present their reports in such  a way as not to fan the fires of conflict.


He also said as professionals,  the media and journalists owe the public the responsibility of self censoring reportage to avoid vitriolic sentiments, saying this is even most critical as during elections, tensions are often high among contending political parties, hence the public can only make well informed decisions based on the accuracy and quality of the stories disemminated by the media.



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