How time flies. It’s almost three years now (January 27) that our amiable governor Yahaya Adoza Bello took over the mantle of leadership from the previous government of Captain Idris Ichala Wada.


This write up has become imperative in order to give an independent appraisal of the performance of our governor in the last three years. But let me give a caveat that the write up would be objective, fair, balanced and thought provoking for the sake of prosperity.


The write up would present the performance of the governor sectorial by sectorial so that the general public would be guided accordingly without any resort to unnecessary and needless sycophancy and subjectivity. Now let’s start the business of the day.


This government of Governor Yahaya Bello was divinely inspired by Almighty God at a time the state was in the state of despondency, hopelessness, widespread poverty, political instability, official deceit, rigmarole, self-denial and salary quagmire at all levels of governance.


Percentage payment of salaries was already the norm at local government level and teachers apparatus. At the state level, the government of Idris Ichala Wada was owing several months of salaries to the long-suffering workers who were forced to go on strike in order to drive home their demand from the government that has completely lost focus and political direction.


The previous government openly admitted that it was owing fifty billion debt over hang up to the time the government was rightly voted out of office. They were a plethora of uncompleted projects that doted the landscape of Kogi state.


Recall that this white elephant projects have already gulp billions of naira that went down the drain. It is paramount to state at this juncture that the previous government took twenty billion naira bond which the incoming government will have to service monthly at the federal allocation level. This is the scenario before the coming on board of the present government of Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello.

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On his first day in office the governor told the whole world that his government was armed with a five point New Direction Vision that would serve as a compass and template that would guide its social economic contact with the citizens in the life of his administration which had just entered three years of what promises to be eight years in office because the governor had performed creditably well to win a second tenure in office.


First, let’s talk on security architecture: The governor’s performance in that sector is at the credit level as he had been able to secure the state from prevailing and pervasive criminality and banditry that was the hallmark of the entire Kogi state on the day he assumed office as the forth civilian governor of Kogi state.


This outstanding achievement got the attention of the former Inspector General of Police (IGP) who gave the governor a well-deserved award as the best governor on security. The state later won another accolade as the third safest state among the 36 states in the country.


Till date , the state is enjoying security stability and tranquility.Secondly, let’s talk about the government performance in Infrastructure: This government is doing wonderfully well in that sector. There are thousands of completed projects particularly in road construction and rehabilitation. If you move round the state you will see that the entire state has been turn into project sites.


Across the three senatorial districts several roads have been completed and been put to use by motorists and other road users. Under infrastructure, a new (Revenue House) was constructed which ranked among one of the best edifice in the entire country.


Several communities have been linked to the national grid while many others got electricity and potable water supply by this performing government. Still on water supply, lokoja metropolis and its environs have continued to enjoy uninterrupted water supply in the last 3 years of the emergence of Governor Yahaya led administration.

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Thirdly, let’s beam our spotlight on health: This sector as enjoyed remarkable and land mark achievement in the life of this administration. A Referral Centre abandoned by previous government was fully completed by the Governor Yahaya Bello administration. Several general hospitals and clinics were constructed while many others were upgraded across the three senatorial districts.


All this clinics are adequately supplied with drugs and other medical consumables.


The State School of Nursing and Midwifery located at Obangede was adequately provided with new blocks of classrooms and other administrative offices which have gone a long way to enhance learning and welfare of both students and staffs.


Let’s talk about the agricultural sector in the state: In the last three years, this sector has witnessed a touch of revolution as genuine farmers have started getting returns to their inputs. Many of them are now smiling to the bank after bountiful harvest because the government has provided the enabling environment for agricultural investment to thrive in the state.


The government has been paying its counterpart funding of FADAMA projects and other financial obligations in that sector.


Education in the state: In the last three years, the government of Yahaya Bello has performed wonderfully well in that sector. Recall that new blocks of classrooms were constructed for numerous primary schools while several others were rehabilitated and put to use to enhance learning and teaching at that level of education.


The state owned university located at Anyigba that was notorious for incessant strikes by lecturers who were politically inclined received the adequate attention of the governor in the last three years. For the first time in recent history there is stability and conducive and uninterrupted learning in that university. Today while ASSU is on strike the student of University of Anyigba is enjoying uninterrupted and stable learning, thanks to Governor Yahaya Bello.

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Generally, the governor has done well in the area of transportation system and waste and sanitation management in the state. Recall that the State Capital Lokoja used to rank as one of the dirtiest state capital in the whole world but today the story has changed but today it is ranked as one of the cleanest state capital in the whole world.


But now lest talk about the flip side of the Government of Governor Yahaya Bello in the last three years in other to balance and achieve the objectivity of this write up.


As at today, there are genuine cries that the government still owes some genuine workers after the holistic staff screening exercise that throw off thousands of ghost workers from the pay roll. Let me remind you that many ghost workers have already infiltrated the payroll system even after the completion of the screening, this could be attested to by discovery that four hundred unclaimed cheques surfaced during the ongoing table payment system.


What a wonderful state! Kogi state is profoundly and scandalously corrupt. As it were angels in heaven cannot carry out a successful and error free screening of Kogi workers.


If you ask me the governor has succeeded within the last years to fight corruption to the level of submission.


In conclusion, the Governor has taken adequate steps to ensure prompt and uninterrupted timely payment of salaries, wages and pensions in the years ahead. We need to be patient and prayerful because decades of rot and unwholesome practice cannot be uprooted within 3 years.


From my own point of view, the governor has scored full marks in the last three years. He is on course and would remain on course no matter the level of distraction by enemies of the state.



The Former PRO, Nigerian Ports Authority, Journalist & Public Relations Expert.

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