Helicopter crash : opposition members acted  like statemen – Senator Adeyemi 




The Senatorial candidate of the All Progressive Congress, (APC),  for Kogi West senatorial district, Smart Adeyemi has described the concern shown to the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo by members of the opposition parties as the expression of statemen who thinks beyond partisan politics.


Adeyemi who was speaking on Sunday, at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Lokoja on the sideline of the Thanksgiving service for Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, who survived an helicopter crash in Kogi on Saturday, noted that even the oppositions knew that the Vice President was not on a pleasure trip, but on mission to put smiles on the faces of the down throdden people of Kogi State.


Speaking further he said, “The lesson is that when politicians are playing their games people should be able to read in between the lines. Despite the criticisms, and attack from the opposition, against the ruling party, they have no doubt that they have a president who is working perfectly with a vice president who is also committed to national development, on one hand,


“They appreciated the fact that God saved the vice president, they also appreciated the fact that the Vice President was not on a pleasure trip but working for Nigeria more especially he came to assist the down trodden people.

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“So they have every reason to set partisan politics aside and speak from the point of statesmen. I think  that is what happened, many people spoke as statesmen appreciating the fact that the VP came on service to his motherland and above all this is a vice President that is different from every other vice president Nigeria has ever had.

“He is a man that is committed, that has given his life to the service of the nation, not just the service of the nation but with sincerity, Justice and equity as his watch word.


“For me the opposition appreciated the fact that we have in the vice President  with the president people that are committed to national development. Politics aside when it comes to the issue of life everybody starts thinking beyond the ordinary, they start thinking spiritually. People spoke the way they should speak.


On the fact this is the second time the Vice President is having a mishap and whether is  natural, Senator Adeyemi, said “When you are committed to effecting a change in the lives of people don’t forget the devil is not happy. We work not against flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness in high places so service to humanity of course would be opposed by the devil and his agents

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“I am not looking at it from the perspective of anybody working or thinking evil it is just part of the world. When you live in this world you need God and it is only God that can deliver you. The Vice President is a man of prayer who is addicted to prayer and fasting such people would have the confrontation  of the devil so I don’t look at it as if some persons are after him but I thank God that he is alive and God protected him.

On the crash, he said “It was very shocking and distressful but again we had every reason to thank God.


” We saw in practical terms the manifestation of God, they that trust in the Lord shall be like mouth Zions which cannot be removed but abideth for ever.


“That is a manifestation that with God all things are possible. We thank God that the vice president and his entourage survived. We are here to celebrate him that the word of God liveth forever.

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According to him, what what happened is what would have consumed all the lives of those that were there not just those on board the craft “even those of us who were around because the Chopper landed on a vehicle and the propeller hit two other vehicles and every one of us would have been affected.


” As a matter of fact after the crash I rushed there the heat that the engine generated was so intense that we ran back we could not stand the heat not to talk of the occupants.


“You know what could have happened when you have such intense heat coming out of a crashed engine. Simply put we saw the manifestation of the word of God, the power of God and that with God nothing is impossible.


“It was God that helped us that they all came out unhurt. I think for every Nigerian especially those of us from Kogi State we have every reason to thank God and to celebrate it that we serve a living God.


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