History Beckons on Oseni Yakubu



By Otori Ozigi

With less than four months to the forthcoming senatorial Election in Kogi central, the three candidates that will test their strength in the election had gone to the trenches in readiness for the Titanic battle ahead. Expectedly, the three candidates have started making promises in a bid to convince the electorates to part with their votes, funny enough, some of the candidates that had not been coming home for the past decades have hurriedly put up structures in their fatherland as temporary Base, some of them have started promising what they can never achieve in their lifetime.

I laughed the other day when one of the candidates promised to resuscitate Ajaokuta steel project within one year in office as if Ajaokuta is now her personal project, but we all know that Ajaokuta steel is a Fed govt project and only the federal government has the final say on the future of the said project.

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The three candidates involved in the forthcoming election are Alhaji Oseni Yakubu of the APC, Natasha Akpoti of the SDP and Senator Salawu Ogembe of the PDP. However, it is instructive to know that only Oseni Yakubu is a serious contender in the forthcoming election, Ogembe has nothing to show the electorates for his four years in office. Therefore his dream of a second term remains a Utopian dream. For Barr Natasha Akpoti, she is relatively naive, inexperienced and unprepared for this arduous task. The beautiful woman is trying to swim across Rivers Niger and Benue politically, viewed against this background. Therefore, it is easy to see that the chances of Alhaji Yakubu Oseni are as bright as the northern star, the youthful politician has soaring popularity across the five local government areas of Kogi central.

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There is no household in the said local government that you would not find at least two of his supporters across Kogi central, if the truth must be told, Alhaji Oseni Yakubu has no serious opponent in the forthcoming election. Therefore, it is going to be an easy run for him in the forthcoming election. His formidable structure and the overwhelming fan base are his strength that cannot be rivaled by other opponents.

The man Yakubu Oseni has a rich profile, for the benefit of those who are not adequately informed about his background, he has his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the Ahmadu Bello University of Zaria, Master’s degree from the University of Abuja and his doctorate is still in view.

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Alhaji Oseni who is currently the executive chairman of the Kogi state internal revenue services is a seasoned banker with varied experience with First Bank plc Abuja branch; he is a philanthropist par excellence who has touched the lives of so many people across Kogi central and beyond.

As history beckons on the young man to be declared Senate-elect, we can only wish him long life and prosperity.

Otori Ozigi is a retired public servant, journalist/PR consultant.

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