Kogi Guber 2019: If not now, when, if not Dino who?: Melaye tells Yagba people



By Gideon Ayodele

As Senator Dino Melaye takes his tour to the 3 local government that makes Yagba Federal Constituency yesterday to seek their support and vote in the forthcoming PDP primaries, the people’s legislator encouraged the delegates to sieze this opportunity to ensure that they vote a candidate that have the capacity and the intellectual demand for a govenance that is capable of rejuvenating the economy of the state.

While addressing the delegates, Melaye asked “those that want to govern kogi state today, where were they when salaries and pensions were not paid? I spoke and defended the course of civil servants and kogites at large. I was the only voice in the state.
God beheld kogi state and sought who will salvage the land and I have offered myself for the service”

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“When are we going to have a man that can confront the terrible government if not now”, he further asked.

“I have no father that was a minister, governor or commissioner who will raise my hand but I have God and I have you the people. I am a son of nobody but today, God has raised me to become a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In a Dino Melaye led administration in kogi State, by the grace of God, sons and daughters of a nobody will become somebody”

“The other aspirants going around have been making campaigns without content, reason why in the past, the state have been experiencing victories without vision. But we have the idea that will rejuvenate the economy of the state within a very short period of take off” he said.

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The Yagba delegates were convinced of his ability and vowed their support to vote for him in the good interest of the state.

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