Kogi Guber Melaye promises to bridge gap between the rich, poor citizens



By Gideon Ayodele

Senator Dino Melaye has again assured the people of Kogi State that if he is victorious in the November 16 election, his administration will bridge the gap between the rich and the poor in the state.

He made this declaration repeatedly while addressing the PDP delegates in Kabba/Bunu, Ijumu and Adavi local government Areas yesterday.

“With the coming of a MELAYE administration in Kogi State, we shall sing a song of victory”

He promised to put an end to what he described as Politics without policy.

Lamenting the present precarious situation in the state as inflicted by the present administration, he said “We live in the midst of abundance, yet we are living in abject poverty”

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He said he was aware that other smaller masquerades have visited them before now but, however said that “the chief general of all has come.

“They forgot to tell you that they are all fore-runners who were sent to pave way for my coming. I am the one who is to come, whose sandals they cannot loose”

“If you give me your support, I will make you proud.

While respond to Melaye, the Kabba/Bunu PDP Chairman said “You are not new to us but a son of Kabba/Bunu. You have the capacity to bring sanity to kogi state. We as PDP family will give you our support and vote to take over power back, regardless of the tribe.

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