Kogi pilgrims arrives Makkah for Tawaf Ifada



Pilgrims from kogi state arrived the the Holy City of Mekkah on Tuesday for their final Hajj exercise after successfully completing the compulsory stoning of the devil at Jamrat.

In a telephone message by the commission, the pilgrims have also completed their last tawaf, (Tawaf Ifada).

Recalled that the pilgrims return from Arafat to Muna last Sunday after offering prayers on the plain of Arafat.

They have a stop over at Musdelifa where they picked Stones for the stoning at Jamrat.

The chairman of the commission, Sheikh Imam Abdullahi enjoyed the pilgrims to continue to offer prayers for themselves, kogi state and Nigeria.

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He urged them to continue to imbibe the lessons of Hajj as exemplified by Holy Prophet Muhammad, (SAW).

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