Kogi State Governor’s Wife Commends USAID for Funding the Maternal and Child Survival Programme

—As the state needs N500 million naira to achieve set target
By Ameer Obansa, Lokoja.
The wife the Kogi State Governor, Hajia Rashida Bello,  has commended USAID for funding the Maternal and Child Survival Programme.
She equally commended the  Kogi State Ministry of Health for their collaboration in ensuring that the state  has family planning costed implementation plan to drive the progress of improving contraceptive prevalent rate in Kogi.
According to her, “It is important to note that the new direction government of Alhaji Yahaya Bello, is undeniably committed to the welfare of women and children in the state,
which is justified by the several healthcare programmes such as Bello Health Intervention, Health Care Plus and the Rashida Bello intervention Programme.
“Various forms of family planning services are already part of this health programmes.
Family planning is one of the key pillar of save motherhood, it allows you to have children by choice and not by chance.
“Contraceptive usage reduces maternal rate and the burden of maternal and child death in Nigeria.Nigeria has a contraceptive prevalence rate of 15 per cent of all methods and 10 per cent for modern contraceptive method
“We can do better,  promoting contraceptive awareness will help to promote the demand for family planning services, it is in deed the collective responsibility of all stakeholders.
“The Green Dot Logo is the National Family Planning  official logo launched in 2017 by the Federal Ministry of Health.  It will be posted on each of the 474 family planning clinics and other partner private clinic across the state.
This will facilitate easy recognition of the family planning centres across the state by prospective clients.
Earlier, Dr Gabriel Alobo, team lead, USAID Maternal and Child Survival Programme, Kogi, said that Kogi State has the lowest contraceptive usage among the middle belt which is just about 11 per cent for all method and 8.5 per cent for mordy method which is very low compare to the national average of 50 percent for all method and 10 percent for mordy.
Alobo also noted that the costed implementation planning that has been developed now is to determine what it will cost the Kogi state to take the  family planning usage from the current low level to 20 per cent, saying that, it  is just the target of this meeting.
“We fellt that for us to do so we need to create demand by radio jingles, good advertisement to ensure that  people come for family planning, we need to have more people participating in family planing, we need the commodities in the facilities.
“All the cost of the materials and logistics needed to increase the current low level of 11 per cent family planning in Kogi to 20 per cent is estimated to be about N500 million.
“Nigeria is targeting 27 per cent, but because we are lower than the national average which is 15 per cent.
“The effect of this low level family planning is that more women and children are dying in Kogi because more women are getting pregnant and dying, so the death rate is higher in the state where the family planning is low.
“So, the more the usage of family planning in any state, the less the maternal and child mortality rate.
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