Message to the electorates by Hon Tijani Damisa, APC House of Representatives candidate for Okene/Ogori-Magongo Federal Constituency



As the INEC has lifted ban on campaign for 2019 general elections, it has become very necessary that I make this solemn appeal to all and sundry. First, it must be understood that the right to vie for any political office and the right to support any candidate are the fundamental rights that we all have as the citizens of Nigeria. It is therefore wrong for anyone to have any form of resentment against another person who seeks to vie for a particular office, or exercise his franchise by supporting anyone of his choice.


This is not the time for sentiment and emotions. Nigeria is ours, and we are all equal stakeholders. We all have the right to determine our future; nobody’s future is greater than yours. I therefore urge you to judge for yourself what you really know and believe about any political candidate. And when you have finally decided who to support, you must also decide the reasonable length which you should go about it. You shouldn’t let yourselves to be used by anybody to fulfill his or her ambition to your detriment.

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On the same vein, I call on all the political leaders to condemn violence in every form from this time till when the elections come and go in 2019. I believe that if we all lift our voices to speak against that which is wrong, we will be able to have hitch-free elections; elections based on presentation of superior arguments.


God bless Nigeria!

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