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Today is a milestone in the journey towards liberating Kogi state from bad leadership which has held down the State and left our people holding on to the shorter end of the stick of progress, advancement and veritable development.

I am therefore immensely grateful to the Almighty God for granting the expanded campaign organization the enablement to have pushed this far as a result of which within less than 365 days, the #RebuildKogi2019 movement has become the most accepted political platform in Kogi State.

In the last 2 months, I and my team have toured the 21 LGA’s in Kogi State and consulted relevant stakeholders across board. This is because we believe that beyond voting, the November elections in Kogi State is a referendum wherein Kogites will choose for themselves a leader who will meet their aspirations as a people held together by destiny.

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From the back-to-back incidence of unabated killings in the Kogi State to the blatant refusal of the incumbent government to pay workers and pensioners their deserved entitlements in the last 40 months thereby inflicting maximum pain, misery, discomfort and danger on over 23,000 families across the state. From an all-time high level of unemployment to the comatose state of education and public infrastructure.

The clear refusal of the current government to unite Kogites along the lines of religion and tribe is part of desperate measure adopted to manipulate the instruments of government to the detriment of Kogites who actually own the government.

Kogi state is on the verge of disintegration due to institutionalized graft, endemic stealing and misappropriation of our resources, entrenched corruption and ethnic rivalry. Only a rare sense of patriotism and commitment to the development of the human and natural resources endowments in the state can stop an implosion which by all means will engulf Nigeria because Kogi State is the only corridor that links the South East, South West and South South to the FCT.

Kogites agree there is nowhere else we can call home. Perhaps, now is the time to walk that talk and prove that indeed, besides this country, we have no other place we can call ours.

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It is against these episodes which paint a grin picture of the future of the confluence state that I am offering myself, my contacts, my resources, my experience, my track record, my capacity and my entire being towards forging a new path for progress and create a new narrative to #RebuildKogi with an ultimate aim to #GetKogiWorkingAgain.

I am running for the office of Executive Governor of Kogi State because I believe that Every Kogite Deserve Better Life. I am offering myself to serve because I also believe that Kogi State is overdue to be positioned as a valuable and principal stakeholder at the respective platforms from where the common patrimony of Nigeria is apportioned.

To this end, the programs outlined in our manifesto and policy documents are crafted to impact Kogites from all facets of human endeavours. From agriculture to quality education, improved healthcare, infrastructure, job creation, sustainable empowerment, women development, internal security up to veritable planning for the next generation. We will also create 400,000 brand new direct jobs and pay N40,000.00 as standard wage.

I hereby pledge before the People’s Democratic Party as a party, Nigerians and Kogites that if I am supported to run and I emerge as governor, within 90 days, the 40 month wages and pensions backlog will be cleared in full. By this act, the PDP will have revolutionized governance by raising at least 23,000 millionaires in Kogi State within 90 days.

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From civil servants and retirees to students and youth, from artisans to tradesmen and women, from members of traditional institutions to the clergy – there are immense benefits for every Kogite. With me as Executive governor, we will Rebuild Kogi from ruins.

Should any state desirous of growth and advancement remain on auto pilot because of the lack of vision, skill, competence, credibility and incapacity of leadership?
Your answer is as good as mine.  I therefore call on all Kogites to join me in this task so we will collectively RebuildKogi to a state we all can be proud of.

I thank my party, the indomitable People’s Democratic Party and commit that upon my emergence as flag-bearer, absolutely nothing will be spared towards uprooting the incumbent regime by ensuring that every vote cast in our favour is protected and counted to the advantage of our party.

God bless Kogi State.

God bless the PDP.

God bless Nigeria.

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