OPCI sues for peace in the face of security threats, postpones security lecture.


By Kehinde Akinpelu, Ilorin

The Odua Peoples’ Care Initiatives (OPCI) has sued for peaceful co-existence instead of drumbeat of war among the various ethnic nationalities that makes up the country, Nigeria.

In their communique issued and signed by their National Publicity Secretary, Comrade (Chief) Chris O. Egharevba, “the leaders caucus held a sensitization meeting on their postponed lecture tagged the role of individuals, NGO, community in containing security challenges facing our nation.”

The communique disclosed that the lecture was provoked by their “conviction that as a multi-ethnic country striving fervently to forge a united nation, war is not an option irrespective of challenges facing us as a people”.

The organization however lamented the scuttling of this timely, laudable enterprise of a lecture that could have been used to sew the tattered fabrics of our country’s unity due to threat from some quarters particularly the Gani Adams led OPC who surreptitiously have been threatening invited guests and dignitaries with violence should they attend.

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“As a law abiding and people oriented organisation that place premium on life, we cannot afford to jeopardise the lives of our members, invited guests and members of the public, hence the last minute postponement of the lecture after due consultation with appropriate organs of the state security.”

According to the group, “we are no traitors to whatever cause be it Yoruba or called any other names, in facts, in deeds  and creed, we are the real OMOLUABIS.

“It is for Yoruba to sought all avenues for dialogue to achieve peace than resorting to war as first line of action in the face of any provocation, hence the Yoruba are found saying “Alagbara ma mo ero, Baba ole.”

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“The question begging for answer now is “why beating the drums of war when we can still talk.” As the saying goes is it not better to jaw, jaw than to war, war since every war ultimately ends at the conference table, why not start and end it at the conference table instead.

“OPCI is a peaceful legal entity that desires a virile, united, peaceful and progressing Federal Republic of Nigeria under which each and every component state could achieve comfortable economic prosperity.

“We are calling on the appropriate authorities therefore, that it is high time all illegal organisations fanning embers of war, no matter the fanciful name or altruistic disguise they are currently putting on, are treated as what they are; enclaves of outlaws, who shouldn’t have the mercy of the law, otherwise more emulators of such would be springing up until we would be dealing with hydra headed monsters that holds no good for everyone.

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“We love this country and shall do all within our capabilities to uphold her glory.”

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