By Kehinde Akinpelu, Ilorin

The attention of Oodua Progressive Care Initiative, OPCI, was drown to a statement credited to one Aladesawe Aladedeji of outlaw group called OPC.

According to a statement issued and made available to separatist by the Osun State Coordinator of the OPCI, Semiu Agbeyangi, ” We would have ignored and silent on the man statement who was posted from ikale in Ondo State to Osun state for extort money from laboured members of the group but because of the blackmailing and baseless allegation in the arrogance statement which call for clarification.

Oodua Progressive Care Initiative, is an organization of progressive minded people across the Nation who believe in the upholding the rules of law to engendered the much desired peace for our country.

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The organization OPCI is a duly registered with federal government of Nigeria appropriate agency, since the organization was launched in Ile-Ife in 2017, the group has never been indicted or involved in any violence, crisis or criminal activities and it will never be.

It’s in our believe that the members of the public need enlightenment on security matters at this moment when our Nation is facing security challenges, in sense of this, all hands must be on desk to bring normality to our society, that’s why the OPCI is planning to organize a public lecture where the security personnel will enlighten the public what to do and not.

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As a people focus organization that believe in mutual coexistence and efficacy of the rule of law as foundation for rapid development in a multi ethnic nation,

It obviously clear that OPC is an outlaw organization by the federal government since 2001, unfortunately the leaders of this outlaw group are still mingling with law abiding people across the federation without hindrance or questioning by the law to the extent that most of these merchants of violence are now regarded as celebrities in their own right.

The OPC are jittery of the rapid development and widely acceptance of Oodua Progressive Care Initiative, its non disputable fact that Oodua Progressive Care Initiative is never a faction of any organization, it is an independent organization stand by the true.

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We hereby enjoy the members of the public, the law enforcement agencies, the traditional rulers and all well meaning of our country and beyond to ignore the statement credited to the  products of violence People. Who came to limelight through violence, the statement concluded.


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