A politician reacting to my refusal to recruit, empower and leverage thugs for the Election said, “I prefer to loose a child than fail an election because the disgrace will be too much for me to bear”. I was stunned.


A few blocks away, is another caste of people who are professions in dimensioning why and how someone failed and decipher issues emotionally and subjectively without recourse to the broad implications of either their comments or wishes or both.


Further down the road is another race who are wordsmiths afflicted with oral diarrhea of an unusual type. You find them in joints, on all platforms and any available gossip Centre. They are a classical personification of the “law of moral entropy”.

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Bring these three groups together and you have a mixture of desperation, zero-sum affliction and foxes; the amalgam is nothing but disaster.


Considering the genre of occurrences that heralded and complemented the ‘elections’ of February 23, 2019, I make bold to state that, as a people, we have capitulated to the seditious and specious writ of the jackboot democracy. Clearly, there is a huge contempt for the choices we make, our commitment to transformation, and our strength of character in favour of a desire for self and an unusual conviction in the promise of permanent indulgence.


Sadly, the immediate repercussion is that the Igala is fatally handicapped to the extent we no longer know or believe that we have the power to transform ourselves and our society.

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I didn’t see Bello anywhere in Kogi-East on 23/02/2019. And, if he operated by proxy, he didn’t use foreigners or UFOs.


The thing with us is a huge dose of envy, greed, malfeasance and the I-don’t-care syndrome.


We must realize that there are multiple ways of looking at these things, and we must be sure that we are appraising actualities holistically and accurately and not based on unsubstantiated opinions and/or assumptions.


If we must learn from the events of the past days and begin the process of recovery, a pathway must be cut through the forest, not found, especially so because the most significant factors in our current situation are things that we have control over: therein lies the import of the Enekpaka VS Enagami ideology.

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God bless Kogi East!

God bless Kogi State!!

God bless Nigeria!!!



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