Opinion Governor Yahaya Bello is an achiever.





OTORI OZIGI, in this piece x-ray the performance of Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State and said,  posterity would be fair to him as a visionary and purposeful leader who did his best under difficult circumstances.  .


No matter what his critics and political enemies would say, the youngest governor in Nigeria, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, would have his name written in gold as an achiever whose activities and land mark achievements were grossly under reported in the media for the history books.


His media handlers and other news  organs in the state are partly to blame for this lacuna. So many media gurus who had the opportunities to pay a visit to the state in the last 3 years also shared this well held views today. The list of such personalities include but not limited to Distinguished Senator  Smart Adeyemi , a former NUJ National President who is a leading voice in the media world till date. Infact, he is touted as a worthy information Minister in the next cabinet of president Muhammodu Buhari if Baba  desires to Inject new bloods into his team .

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Another media guru who believes Yahaya Bello has performed well is Dr. Tom Adaba, Though, he stressed the need for the governor to raise the bar in the nagging issue of prompt salary payments in the state .


This writer who is well informed a critical  journalist and social crusader in Kogi state strongly believes that governor Yahaya Bello has done creditably well in the areas of security , infrastructure, environment, water supply in lokoja and it’s environs, rural electrification, installation of transformers, Agriculture, health, education, transport, social justice, cultural revival and enhancement of the traditional institutions.


Others are  budget planning and implementation, financial prudency, openness and transparency, and good governance in other critical sectors of the economy.

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Yes, a lot of attention and priority have been placed on the welfare of civil servants and pensioners now and the years ahead to ameliorate the suffering of the workers .


But there is a ray of good tidings ahead as the state expects the payment of the 32 billion naira balance of the bail out funds by federal government soon.


It is my candid suggestion that state government should send supplementary budget to the state house of assembly for approval to clear backlogs of salary areas owed workers in Kogi state . Yes the governor is a performer given all the prevailing socio-economic and dwindling resources at its disposal. lets support Yahaya Bello with prayers and loyal followership.


One thought on “Opinion Governor Yahaya Bello is an achiever.

  1. mohammed hassan

    Indeed the gov.has a good intention of d state development nd has performed credibly with little resources at his disposal.but his haters see nothing good about his govt.bcos no money to share as usual in d previous administratio.while some people failed to understand d complexity challenges left behind by past govt.before d present govt.in kogi state.d huge amount of debts nd salaries arrears was left behind for him.as going govt.he had know choice than to move on nd try his best to get it solved as his priority.I think his media handler need to be blaim to showcase nd published what he has achieved in terms of development nd salaries paid but they’re all insensitive nd deaf to d critics of his govt nd incompetent enough to rolled out his achievement so far.the last in traveled home I was pleased with the projects ongoing.it was a pity that no single project was aired for d public awareness.what’s his media doing.are they sleeping or purposely ignored these sensitive aspect of govt.for his haters to capitalise upon nd blackmail his govt.of not doing anything?.what a shame to his media teams.there is time for him to ammend without waste time anymore nd other outstanding nd sundry.I wish him (govrnor yahaya bello) best of luck nd God guardance nd protection.


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