“The true enemy won’t wait out the storm. He brings the storm.”


A grand dark political conspiracy is currently being hatch in Kogi State. The political underdogs, coven and hirelings are already congregating to conjure dark spell against the incumbent. They are using subterfuge of “Stop GYB Movement” to perfect this most unholy plan in Kogi State.


Let me let a cat out of the bag a little. There are tripartite evil strategies devised by these offspring of Darken Rahl to spellbind the Kogites and to dapple any political enthusiasm left of the Governor. One is to take advantage of the “perfect storms”, secondly to turn the people against him and lastly to eliminate his core loyalists. All these are geared toward making him susceptible for their evil crusade christened “Stop GYB Movement”.

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One does not need to go into the details of the abundance of “perfect storms” in Kogi State. This is so much so that Kogi State was made to always appear in the news for every conceivable evil. They made Kogi State a hotspot of ridicules and theater of absurdity. It got to a point where everyone almost resolved that Kogi State has “gone banana”. This is just a manifestation of evil orchestration. The evil orchestra soon forgot that “the greatest harm can come from the best intentions”. They befuddled the people, turning them to see only the storms as they criminalized every conceivable best intention by the incumbent.

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It is a notorious fact that when people are befuddled to the point of dissolution, there is a tendency to exhibit mendacious and antagonistic perspective about the presumed subject. This is the kind of sordid predicament we have found ourselves in Kogi State; courtesy of the power pillagers. They strive to disenchant the minds of the people and to make a scapegoat out of GYB. These Goblins led by a disfigured Gollum give nothing to Kogi State but a premium problem.


The political Lich ushered the Nightwalkers to foment mayhem and to ultimately neutralize anyone seen as pillars and bullseye to GYB. The latest targets were his SSA on Domestic Affairs and DG Protocol and do not forget that these guys are part of GYB core loyalists. Though, sadly, the butchers have taken some down in a most cruel and bloody way and they are not relenting their heinous plot anytime soon. This is how heinous and iniquitous the depraved “Stop GYB Movement” could be.

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They have failed woefully in a similar attempt before and it is in no doubt that they will fail woefully and shamefully in this latest attempt too.


By Emmanuel Shadrach

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