Open letter to the next Kogi Central Senator
By Otori Ozigi
Let me begin this writeup by acknowledging the fact that only the Almighty God knows the next senator from Kogi central district. Yes! That’s the truth.
No babalawo can successfully predict who becomes the next senator among the trio of Natasha Akpoti, Alhaji yakubu oseni and Senator Ogembe.
 If you seek to know where my support lies, I would gladly tell you my support is for Alhaji Yakubu Oseni, but the final decision lies with the kogi central electorates, they are the one who decide who to vote for, my opinion does not really count. In this writeup, therefore, I will speak nothing but the truth because I have come to know that only the truth can free my conscience.

Barr Natasha Hadiza Akpoti, SDP, Kogi Central Senatorial candidate

Senator Ahmed Ogembe, PDP Kogi Central senatorial candidate

Alh Yakubu Oseni, APC, Kogi Central Senatorial candidate

Now, let’s begin the conversation proper devoid of sentiments or premodia inclination. Against this background, therefore, this open letter is for all the three candidates because I have come to realize that we mere mortals could not predict precisely who becomes our senator in the next political dispensation.
 In my foolishness, I told my friends on this platform that Oseni would be our next Senator but the reality on the ground now may prove me wrong and I will have no place to hide my face.
Team Natasha Akpoti, before this all important world cup final was an underdog, while Alhaji Oseni was the favorite, senator Ogembe was never in contention because he could not even make it to the final round.
What an irony of faith that a defending champion could not make it to the final because of his non-performance in office that even the blind could attest to.
Let me now leave senator Ogembe alone to start preparing how to come home after the forthcoming senatorial election in Kogi central, who knows, he may chose to stay in Lokoja or Abuja as his abode because he may be too shy to face the electorates and the rest of the people whom he took for granted over the years.
Now, this open letter is for Teams Natasha and Oseni. Giving the reality on ground now, Team Natasha may not be a walkover for Team Oseni anymore. My dear readers and friends let me inform you, without any iota of sentiment, that Natasha is waxing stronger and may break the jinx and get overwhelming votes that will make her the first female Senator from Kogi central since the inception of democratic rule.
Unless there is a miracle, Alhaji yakubu oseni and Senator Ogembe may end up without a trophy like Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo in the last world cup.
The kernel of my open letter is that the next senator must change the sad narrative of poor, docile and ineffective representation that has become our tradition in the last sixteen years of democracy in Nigeria.
Our next senator must think outside the box and make a difference at the Red Chamber of the National Assembly.
We are sick and tired of a senator that warms the Bench. We don’t want a deaf and dumb senator that will be looking like a moron during parliamentary sessions, we don’t want a senator that will be buying motorcycle and Machine in the name of empowerments. After all, anyone can enter Alaba International market and buy such things to empower his people, what is the big deal here.
Our youths and women are yearning for opportunities to learn skills to become self-employed.Our mumu don do, I sign off, enough is enough
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