Presidential Campaign Rally: Kogi PDP Accuses Gov. Bello of Spending One Billion Naira of Tax Payers Money




The Kogi State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has come hard on the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) led administration for allegedly spending a billion naira tax payers money on a campaign rally that could only attract a half filled stadium.


The PDP described the scanty attendance at the President Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign rally as an indication that Kogi people are not ready to be deceived a second time.


The PDP said President Buhari should not expect the support of Kogi people in his desire to return to office for a second term, pointing out that Mr. President having suddenly woke up from his slumber after a woeful four years, thinks he can once again deceive Kogi people whom he abandoned since his victory.


The PDP in a statement signed and issued by Achadu Dickson, Director Research and Documentation, lambasted President Mohammadu Buhari for supervising over the looting of the state’s common wealth in the name of seeking another term in office, even when it has been general acclaimed at home, and internationally that President Buhari’s  administration is the worst ever witnessed in the nation’s history.

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According to the Kogi PDP, despite the several billions of Naira accrued to Kogi State, the state has recorded the highest number of deaths, owing to ineptitude of the Gov. Yahaya Bello’s administration for non payment of salaries, disclosed that the actions of Gov. Bello to perpetually inflict pain and hardship on Kogi People, certainly has the full support of Mr President if in his two minutes speech, he could not extricate himself from the hardship Gov. Bello has caused the people.


The Statement mocked President Mohammadu Buhari that while he was unable to through his two minutes statement at the rally, articulate any clear message, even as he mixed up figures and statistics, because his conscience pricks him for having abandoned Kogi people since after winning the 2015 election, reminded President Buhari that the governor is owing civil servants salaries and pensions ranging from ten to twenty months.


The PDP said while no meaningful project can be said to have been commissioned in the last three years in Kogi state, the PDP fingered Mr. President for using Gov. Bello to punish Kogi people, little wonder no acknowledgment was made to the suffering Kogi people are passing through as caused by Gov. Bello and a confirmation that he directed him to procure people to the rally using tax payers money.

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The PDP described Kogi State as a state stinking with corruption under Gov Bello, with insecurity now in it highest form, with the “point and kill” syndrome now the order of the day against the opposition, maintained that the President’s actions and utterances at the rally has shown that his hatred for Kogi people is endemic as he can never change.


The PDP urged Mr President not to be deceived by the N2000 paid to each of the hired crowd at his arranged rally, asked him not to live in illusion, as the PDP would win Kogi state convincingly for the PDP in the forthcoming general elections because Nigerians have lost hope in the APC and now have renewed pact with the PDP.

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The PDP reminded the Kogi people how regrettable it is for Mr. President not to have remembered that Ajaokuta Steel Company, according to Mr President is in Kogi State, lamented that under the present administration, with no meaningful efforts to complete inherited projects, no federal government presence is felt in Kogi state.


The PDP used the medium to remind Gov. Yahaya Bello that it has every record of his transaction and mortgaging of Kogi State, through the several loans he has collected on behalf of the state, said even the recent jamboree to spend a billion naira tax payers money to host Mr. President to a rally would be accounted for.


The Kogi State PDP therefore called on Mr. President not to be happy at the half filled capacity Lokoja Confluence stadium, pointing out that what took place yesterday at his campaign rally was buying and selling, says like has always been his trade mark, Mr. President is however not aware.

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