Our attention has been drawn to a misleading report by some faceless political actors bent on creating disaffection amongst the ranks of the Peoples Democratic Party in the state.

Ordinarily, we would have allowed the authors and the sponsors of the write up to live in their ignorance, but for the discerning minds and to also set the records straight, it has become necessary to react to the rubbish from the satanic manufacturers stable.

We are all aware that the Independent National Electoral Commission has fixed August 2 to August 30 for the conduct of party governorship primaries. This first ignorance of the authors of the smelling write up goes to show that the authors of the tissue of lies published online have failed in their first attempt to label Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, former governor of Kogi State as imposing a candidate on the party when the time for primaries is still months away.

We also wish to state further that like every other guber aspirants who are children of somebody, Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim has not committed any crime other than being a son of a former governor by Providence.

The Paramount question that needs to be asked however is if Abubakar Ibrahim is qualified to run as governor like every other aspirant?. Does he have the capacity to bail the state out of its present predicament? Does he have the requisite credentials as required by law to contest?

If this questions are answered in the affirmative then where lies the crime of Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim, who has chosen to answer to the clarion call by well meaning Kogites to serve his fatherland.

It is very unfortunate that while Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim is criss crossing the length and breadth of the state, in an attempt to convince delegates and electorates, it has become the trade in stock of mischief makers to malign the hard earned reputation of Alhaji Ibrahim Idris his father whose records as governor remains unbeaten in terms of achievements, be it infrastructure and human capital development.

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We therefore make bold to state without exaggeration, that records on ground, unarguably refers to the former governor, a statesman in character and conduct, as the father of modern Kogi State, by reasons of his achievements.

The aspiration to become governor of Kogi state by the grace of God and the support of the people by Abubakar Ibrahim, is centered on the need to offer purposeful leadership, and make Kogi a state where the coming generation can aspire to attain their full potentials.

It is important to state that the Kogi State Chapter of the PDP has restated it over and over again, that the party would provide a level playing ground for all governorship aspirants. So one wonder why the fear of engaging Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim in a primaries of the PDP.

We are therefore marvelled at the fear of some little mind political actors, sponsored by the opposition political party to cry foul where there is none even before the commencement of the game in August where it is widely acknowledged fact that having prepared better than his opponents, Abubakar Ibrahim would trounce them silly.

We make bold to state that the contribution of Alhaji Ibrahim Idris to the sustenance of the PDP in Kogi state remains unrivalled, a character trait that has made the PDP in the state a bride, and on the verge of winning the November governorship election.

It is therefore unfortunate that in an attempt to hang a dog, the mischievous political actors have descended so low to have accused Alhaji Ibrahim Idris of extortion, when on one hands their fear is that they cannot match him in terms of resources.  It is on record and known to all in the state that the Party is as strong as the rock of Gibraltar, courtesy of the solid foundation laid by the former governor through support financially and in the rock solid structures he has built in human form.

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Let it be placed on record that the allegation of the former governor smiling to the bank only opens the flanks, intelligence and shallow thinking of the authors of the trash, that is aimed at smearing the hard earned image of the former governor.

It is a known fact that the PDP is yet to release the guidelines for the forthcoming governorship primaries, nay the amount for the sale of nomination form. This therefore adds further to the mockery of the intended write up as fiction taken too far, just to discredit the former governor who in all intent and purposes, for posterity sake, has paid his dues in building a united and modern Kogi State for.

Till date, the PDP is yet to issue a circular to the effect of how much it intends to sale her nomination form, thus the need for the general public to disregard the summation of lies put forwarded by the faceless political actors as the story is only fit for the thrash bin, since its original intention failed even at conception.

We therefore wish to call on the members of the PDP to disregard the online report titled: KOGI GUBER 2019: FRESH CRISIS ROCKS PDP AS IBRAHIM IDRIS IMPOSES SON ASCANDIDATE as a figment of the writers imagination, as the concern of Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim presently is to engage the delegates ahead the party’s primaries.

We however want to use this medium to equally call on the PDP Executives not to be distracted by the smear campaign in their efforts and quest to win the forthcoming governorship election, while calling on other aspirants who can also see through the write up, to know that it is maliciously intended, fabricated with mischief motives, just to cause disunity amongst the PDP ahead an election it would certainly win and help rescue Kogi State.

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We wish to further restate the fact that having served meritoriously, it behoves on true party members to continue to appreciate the modest but eventful years of former governor Ibrahim Idris, noting that only such recognition and appreciation would encourage others to be selfless in service like he did while in position of authority.

For the umpteenth time. Abubakar Ibrahim is adequately qualified in terms of administrative capacity, intelligent potent, strong character, having obtained the requisite educational and other requirements to govern the state to achieve the dreams of the founding father’s.

In all forum that present itself, the former governor has never pretended not to be aware or claim ignorance of the suffering of Kogi people. This he has constantly done by sympathizing with them in all forum and in his usual manner, has never failed to extend his hands of support to Kogites.

As governor, we all can testify to his welferist approach to governance, a feat that culminated to the several housing estates, improvement in workers salaries, and several other pro poor policies that has not be forgotten by the people.

Without mincing words. Kogi state is a PDP state, a feat made possible by former governor Ibrahim Idris. His clean records which has made him the only governor never to be invited or arrested by any anti graft agency in Nigeria speaks volume about Alhaji Ibrahim Idris character in transparency and handling of the financial affairs of the state.

We therefore urge the numerous supporters of Abubakar Ibrahim to disregard the malicious report trending online as one of the satanic work, amongst the several many others the agents of darkness who do not mean well for the PDP and the state would push out in the coming days.

Media Team.
Abubakar Ibrahim for Governor Campaign Organization.

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