death of Adoja has place enormous responsibility on me, says Muhammed, Late Prince Audu’s son 




By Ibrahim Obansa,  Lokoja.


The eldest son of the late former Governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Muhammed Audu has said that the death of his father, Prince Abubakar Audu, has placed enormous responsibility on him which he said he never could have imagined, saying that “I thought  I was a very successful young man until the death of my father” .



Muhammed stated  over the weekend at Ogbonicha in Ofu local government council of Kogi State during the 3rd Year Remembrance of his late father Prince Abubakar Audu.



According to him after his death when he saw the challenges before him,  he knew there was another level of success which he is striving to achieve at the moment



“It has been very tough and very difficult. He was a very successful man and I  can assure you that to step into his shoes is not a small challenge because he had excelled in all aspects of his life tremendously.

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“He was a very successful politician, administrator, a successful father, a very successful community man he was a statesman as well.



“Nationally people adored him. In the State people missed him. In the family having come to the realization that he had gone finally and that is because of the way he has affected the daily lives of everybody.



“Now a lot of people look up to me to fill up those responsibilities. I can tell you I will try my best but it is not a days job, it is not an easy task. I used to think that all that thing he was dancing with was a piece of thing but I have realized that he was carrying a lot of load beyond what anyone can just think of.

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“What was even more outstanding about it was that he succeeded and excelled very well. For his people and his followers in Kogi State I am sure there is light at the end of the tunnel, they will see better days and grace at the end of the day,” he said.


He noted that Audu’s political family is still very intact in the state as he stated that soon Audu’s political family will come together feused into a massive political movement for the  the sake of delivering the people from the squalor that they are facing presently.



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Alhaji Audu added that during 2014 campaign, his late father promised to provide good roads,  hospitals,  education and other social amenities but unfortunately he was not alive to consolidate on his promises after winning the election.



He stressed that his late father was going to make sure that the common man does not walk to the stream to get water anymore, local farmers do not bend on the farm the whole day without modern  farming implements.


“Today we are still praying for it and I understand but I also want you to understand that the days ahead, the weeks ahead in Kogi State, are not going to be easy because change is only brought about by sincerity of purpose,” he said.



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