Dream of a better Nigeria, still a mirage, Bishop Egbunu



—- says Buhari must go beyond mere Change of name of SARS to end protests

The Bishop of Lokoja Diocese, of Anglican Church, Most Reverend Emmanuel Egbunu, has said that the people do not need a prophet to tell anyone that the “Nigeria of our dreams is now a mirage at 60.

Bishop Egbunu state this in his address to the Second Session of the 9th SYNOD, with the title ‘Living as disciples of Jesus Christ, which ended on Sunday in Lokoja the kogi state capital.

“Those who carried flags and sang the new national anthem, jubilating that we had finally achieved political independence must be wondering if this is what they so looked forward to.

“The hopes were high that we would do much better for ourselves than the colonialists had done for us. Our rich resources that were exploited for the economic advantage of our colonial masters would hence be for us. He lamented

He regretted also that Nigeria history had rather seen a long trail of needless and mindless bloodshed to the point that shedding of blood has become commonplace and no longer shocked anyone.

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“We are a nation that would do anything, however bizarre, to get money. We would enslave, cheat, we would look the other way even in the face of glaring wickedness and injustice. We deceive ourselves that our efforts and days of doing things are the best, even when the reality mocks our self deceit.

He noted that the power supply had remained epileptic with increase tariffs, adding that sick people no matter how critical, cannot access treatment without initial deposit.

Speaking further he said, “the conditions of the our roads serve as a shameful witness to our ineptitude. We hear humongous budget figures year after year and are now familiar with the deception about better roads, better health facilities, better educational institutions, better services and general welfare. The promises have not been kept. He lamented.

Carpeting the judiciary, Bishop Egbunu noted that the temple of Justice has been desecrated in the land and cannot be said to be the last hope of the common man anymore

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“Our election have become a display of executive terrorism and executive rascality, protected by what he described as “the so-called immunity clause that allows criminality by sacred cows.

“If we don’t let the people speak and we hijack their mandate, it’s a time bomb waiting to explode. Why should people forced themselves on people who said that they want someone else. He stressed

On the ongoing Endsars protests across the the country, he called on President Muhammodu Buhari, to go beyond mere change of name for the dreaded unit of the police force, SARS, by ensuring a total overhaul to restore the confidence of the citizens in the system.

The Bishop said he was glad that the president has waded into the #Endsars protest with a promise to meet their demands to end brutality against the youth and other Nigerians alike, saying that there is more to be done.

“We are again in the convulsions of SARS and we are glad to note that the president has waded into the Endsars protests with a promise to meet their demands to end brutality against youth. We hope this attention to public outcry will be sustained.

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“It’s important to note that if an institution was set up to help the people and it’s becoming counter productive, we should listen to the voices of the people and begin to think differently.

“The leaders should not arrogate to themselves the sole impression that they know what is best for the people. The SARS was set up in the interest of the people and we are hearing of extra judicial killings all over the place. Young people who are the future of this country killed and dumped anywhere.

“Changing the name is one thing, because as they said, a snake can change its skin and still remain the same deadly snake. Yes they appear to have started doing something. But they must listen to the people. We should jointly fashioned out something together, that be in the best interest of all. We don’t want to live in a country where we are terrorizing one another. He maintained.

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