Fellow Kogites in the West.


The promise in the first series of my declaration to make a personal sacrifice for the success of our struggle for freedom remains sacrosanct. On your part, my brothers and sisters, you must make courage your watch word in our journey to the ultimate destination, if we must overcome those who torment you and your children. Be reminded that courage, according to the late distinguished American Senator of all times, McCain is never the absence of fear but the capacity for action despite fear.


We do not subscribe to violence as a means of expressing our disgust against the rotten system foisted on us, because, violence, is alien to our culture in kogi west.


We have instead, opted for a civilized approach of systematic re-awakening of the political consciousness of our people, to begin to honour and protect the Sanctity of our sovereign right to elect leaders of our choice.


Even the much denigrated “Oyinbo” imperialism” was magnanimous and merciful to have allowed the “conquered” people the right to elect their leaders without coercion or political manipulation.


If our father could stand to defend the inalienable right of all Nigerians, under the dreaded colonialists, then, why can’t you and i surpass their achievement with all the ideological and political sophistication at our disposal in the 21st Century. This is food for thought.


I therefore call on all patriots, and all right thinking citizens of Kogi West extraction, to think before you leap in the coming 2019 general elections. History has made us to be pace-setter by virtue of our educational achievement. It is incumbent on us to live up to this rating so that future generations can be proud of our legacy. We should not create a bad impression that with “bread and butter” the great Western Kogites can be taken for a political ride or purchased by future despots. A Yoruba adage says “Oruko rere san ju wura ati fadaka lo”.

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My dear Kogites in the West, I will like to assure you that my second coming, if given your mandate, is to serve as the harbinger of good tidings to the people. I pledge to serve as a catalyst for the rapid socio-economic transformation of my constituency and by extension, Kogi State. I am determined to be remembered for good, by leaving a legacy of monumental development in every nook and cranny of the West.


I will at all times collaborate with my colleagues in the National Assembly irrespectively of party affiliation, to bring dividends of democracy to the door step of the common man.


Also, for effective service delivery, I will establish two functional complementary senatorial offices, one in Lokoja and another in Kabba for easy accessibility. The two offices will serve as information collating centers where diverse interests of the various communities will be articulated and packaged by competent hands and made available to me for necessary prompt action.


I want to assure you once again my good people, that as a patriot and a completely detribalized Nigeria, no part of my constituency will be marginalized in the distribution of goodies. This is because I feel at home with many communities in Kogi State and I speak some of their languages fluently and this made me a home grown Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. To enable me address the palpable infrastructural state of Kogi West, I am determined to “hit the ground” as soon as I am sworn in by the grace of God and your good will, by setting the necessary machinery in motion to accomplish the task. Their functions will be amongst to consult with the Local people so as to determine their priority areas in infrastructural development. The input of the local people will certainly guide me in the preparation of bills and motions to be tabled before the committee of the whole Senate.



My good people of the West, I want to assure you once again, that, I unlike others, and as a Kogite proper, will never move my resources and wealth otherwise called capital flight, outside the state at the expense of those who elected me, and the economic development of the state. To do otherwise amounts to nothing, but a great disservice to the people, the state, and “the finger that feeds the individual” and above all an abuse of political privilege. Fellow Kogites, this a reminder of our recent past experience when someone who rode on our back to power transferred all his acquired property/resources for eight years, to develop a neighbouring state without showing any sense of remorse and the same individual is being conscripted for the same ignoble mission against the wishes of the people.

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My clear brothers and sisters, our experimental democracy is being put on trial by usurpers. The year 2019 is the magical year all Kogites are expected to rise up and say NO to despotism. It is only you and me that can save this generation from impeding political intimidation.


All lovers of democratic decency and all lovers of truth and progress, are hereby called upon to imbibe the philosophy of “No Retreat no Surrender” for the emancipation of our people, come, 2019. This issue transcends Party divide. It is a Kogi project. Everyone must be concerned and be involved.


Finally, my dear brothers and sisters, now, is the time to take our destiny in our hands as 2019 presents the golden opportunity for self-determination. I do not claim to be a miracle worker but as a pragmatist with progressive political inclination, my antecedent in the National Assembly over the years, attests to the fact that entirely of my political career revolves around the welfare of the people. In this regards, I wish to solicit your support and mandate in the coming 2019 Senatorial Election in Kogi West to enable me consolidate on my modest achievements.


God bless you.

Sen. Dino Melaye(SDM)


Long Live Kogi West

Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria

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