Why Revolution Now? Sowore should learn from Senator (Arc) Oyelola Ashiru


By: Omuiyadun H.D (MRM)

Calling for revolution less than 5months after losing a presidential bid in 2019 general election by Omoyele Sowore can be best described as an act of myopic, insensitive, illogical, rebellion and jagudaism.

What comes with the word “Revolution” is usually satanic and perilous while the literary meaning of revolution in a political settings simply refers to an act of treasonable felony. However, the present condition of our nation both security and socio-economic needs an immediate special attention in order avoid sitting on a time bomb.

If Sowore is sincere about his quest for better Nigeria, he should go back to his drawing board to fine tune superlative strategies that will enhance his political temerity to become the President and Commander-in-chief of armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  Sowore should learn how to go about bloodless and ballot revolution from Sen. Lola Ashiru and the good people of Kwara State who strategically revolted against the hegemony of Bukola Saraki without calling for shedding blood and destruction of properties.

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As a youthful youth, there are limitless ways to right the wrong without calling for revolution due to our boundless inbuilt potential.

I therefore call on my teaming youth to kick start the move for “2023 Youthful Ballot Revolution”  instead of “Revolution Now” which is the only panacea to revolt against perceived bad governance while restoring our nation to her unique default mode with socioeconomic dexterity, peace and unity without creating national tension and political high and mighty.

“No weapon can solve a political problem but a diplomatic approach can definitely do – AbiniBility (2019)”

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