Wife of Kogi born legal practitioner, Onoja SAN, attacked by armed men, Police escort injured 




Mrs Rosemary Onoja, Wife of Ogwu James Onoja, SAN was this on Friday evening attack by armed men in Shintaku Area of Bassa local government area, of  Kogi State.


Confirming the story Onoja SAN said while his wife and the driver were not hit by the bullets of the attackers, the police orderly was not so lucky as he was hit by bullet on his head.

Back view of the bullet ridden vehicle

The distress message to the Kogi state Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Busari reads in part “Good evening sir. As I just informed you my wife, driver and the police escort were attacked this evening around Bassa Area on their way from Abuja to attend wedding.

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” The police was wounded and the car was riddled with bullets and not knowing the area very well they ran all the way to the area command Anyigba. The commander and his men refused to attend to them on the ground that it was outside their jurisdiction.


“No assistance to the injured police colleague. They asked my traumatized wife to drive back this night back to Bassa police station to report which is like sending them back to the scene to be robbed.


“My wife had to run away as it was obvious the police were not ready to render assistance. They are hiding due to fear as your people are not ready to protect them thank you for your intervention and they are not happy because we reported them.

Front view of the bullet ridden vehicle of Onoja SAN

“I will make a formal petition to you on this because this is lives here. Here are the pictures

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Recalled that Onoja SAN had written a letter to the Inspector-General of Police Adamu Muhammed dated on 8 April, 2019 on threat to his life, planned assassination and kidnap.


In the letter, Onoja alleged that he has been receiving threat calls from unknown persons who claimed that they have been paid to take his life and feared that something untoward may befall him, and called on the law enforcement agents to give him Protection.


All efforts to reach the commissioner of police proved abortive as his Cell phones were not available.

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