Yahaya Bello, the Man with the Nationalist Credentials.



The Nigerian New Direction Ambassadors has praised Governor Yahaya Bello, describing him as an ideological political socialist, and is indubitably a nationalist material for Nigeria’s next president.

In a statement by Shehu La’shek Yahaha, National coordinator (NNDA), noted that his political adroitness has made him a positive representative of young people in politics today, “Uniting both the North and South when there was market wrangling amongst traders which would have denied Nigerians access to basic means of survival. But he doused the tension through cordial dialogue.

“As the fourth Executive Governor to grace Lugard House, and the first man from kogi central to govern kogi state, his skillfulness in the art of leadership has the ability to build the entirety of a nation. His ability to take swift decisions regarding the economy and security crises has awarded him different credible awards as one of the most influential Governors in Nigeria.

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“There’s no gainsaying that Kogi state shares boundaries with ten other states, some of which are plagued with security crises from banditry to kidnapping. However, his prowess in curtailing security issues has secured the state thereby attracting foreign direct investments. These are genuine qualities of a nationalist Yahaya Bello exhibits.

“His relentlessness against terrorist groups has made kogi one of the safest state in Nigeria amidst the security challenges. Through his powerful, smart, resilient and flexible policies, the governor as the incoming president of the federal republic of Nigeria will leverage on the successes recorded so far by implementing people driven policies as enshrined in his New Direction blueprint.

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“Recently, in Nigeria media merit award, the Governor pointed out that the media is more powerful than the three arms of govt because of it’s capability of uniting as well as disintegrating the country. He further encouraged NMMA to promote sanity and the stoppage of fake news reportage in the country. According to the Governor, The essence of assembling different media reporters in an umbrella is to promote national unity in media report for the overall good of the people.

“As the Network of New Direction Ambassadors, we urge Nigerians to understand that for the nation to grow, we need stability and good governance to focus on development. The New Direction Ideology of Yahaya Bello is what Nigeria currently requires to build a viral economy and transparent leadership that accommodates and is inclusive of everyone irrespective of their background, ethnicity and political status.

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