Kogi NGOs network canvases issue-based campaign, violence free election

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Ahead of Kogi State governorship election, in Kogi state, the Kogi NGOs Network (KONGONET) has called on political actors to engage in issue-based campaign that focus on ideas, policies and solution that will move the state forward.

The call which was a position paper of the KONGONET on the forthcoming governorship election was signed by the Chairperson of the NGOs, Ambassador Idris Ozovehe Muraina and Secretary Reuben Joshua.

Presenting the position of the KONGONET on Tuesday during the 2023 KONGONET Annual General Meeting (AGM), with the theme “Civil Society and Democracy; A way forward, Reuben Joshua charged political actors to move away from divisive rhetorics and personal attack, and concentrate on constructive dialogue that will enable the electorates to make inform choice.

“It is through such discourse that we can identify common ground and work towards a shared vision for the future of our state”

KONGONET also urged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to ensure transparency , firmness and efficiency through the electoral process.

“Kogi State is known for its diversity , encompassing people from various ethnics , religious and cultural background. Our diversity is our strength, representing a wealth of perspectives, traditions and experience that, when harnessed together can propel our beloved state to new a height.

“We are also using this medium to implore each and every citizens of Kogi state to embrace the spirit of peaceful coexistence. Let us reject violence , hate speech, and any form of intimidation or coercion instead let us come together as brothers and sisters, respecting our differences, and recognizing that our collective well-being depends on our ability to find common ground.

“The upcoming gubernatorial election in Kogi State presents us with an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of our democracy and the power of of unity. Let us seize this opportunity to build a peaceful, inclusive and prosperous state for ourselves and future generations” KONGONET said.

The highlight of the occasion was the presentation of a paper titled ‘civil society and Democracy; the way forward by Dr. Hope Omeiza.

He urged Non Governmental organizations to imbibe transparency, accountability and Democratic ethnics in their operations, saying as organizations working for a better society, they must first practice what they preach.

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