Hon Abang rejoices over Appeal Court victory, says no more distractions

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The lawmaker representing Boki/Ikom Federal Constituency in the Green Chamber of the National Assembly, Hon Victor Abang, has expressed joy over the verdict of the Appeal Court validating his election by the people of the constituency, while remarking that the distractions were over.

In his reaction to the appellate court judgement, the parliamentarian who has demonstrated sterling leadership qualities and carried out massive empowerment within the short period so far spent in office, said: “Today, the Court of Appeal Lagos Division has solidified my victory and that of my party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) over Barr Attah Ochinke of the People Democratic Party (PDP) for the Boki/Ikom Federal House seat, validating the electorate’s resolute choice. The ruling not only underscores the legal legitimacy of this win but also highlights the crucial importance of unity within the Boki community.

“From the onset, through the election and beyond, this verdict emphasizes the necessity for collective support, showcasing the strength that arises when a community stands together. The victory is not just political but a testament to the unity that binds the people of Boki/Ikom.

“I extend special appreciation to the APC stakeholders, the formidable legal team led by Tawo Eja Tawo, SAN, the unwavering supporters, and the entire Boki/Ikom constituency. Their dedication played a pivotal role in this legal affirmation.

“I am committed to enacting policies that will positively impact the lives of the people in the federal constituency. This win is more than a legal validation; it is a promise fulfilled and a step toward a better future.

“I acknowledge the role of faith in governance, relying unwaveringly on God as he navigates the challenges that lie ahead. This victory stands as a beacon of democracy’s strength and the unyielding resilience of the Boki/Ikom community.”

In a show of sportsmanship, Attah Ochinke, the PDP candidate, congratulated Hon Abang, expressing confidence that the lawmaker will deliver in his representation of Boki/Ikom people in the House of Representatives.

Ochinke’s statement following the appeal court ruling reads: “When I won the mandate of the PDP two years ago to contest for the Boki/Ikom Federal Constituency seat in the House of Representatives, I pledged to carry that flag with dignity, commitment and perseverance. I made that commitment conscious of the challenges of the electoral process in our democracy. Today, two years and seven court judgments after, I am satisfied that I carried that mandate with the dignity, commitment and perseverance I pledged. Though the outcome is short of what we worked for, we are not in doubt that we earned the support and the popular vote of the people.

“I congratulate my friend, Hon Victor Abang, on his emergence as the Hon Member representing our federal Constituency. I am confident that he will deliver good representation. I pledge to play my part, and provide such support as I can to make his tenure a success.

“To my supporters, friends, well-wishers across the state, and the people of Boki/Ikom Federal Constituency, I cannot thank you enough for your support, votes and the trust and confidence you invested in me. I owe you the debt of a lifetime. I assure you of my loyalty, commitment and service for the progress and development of our Constituency, state and country in the years ahead. Certainly, we will have the chance to work with equal zeal in support of the next person we shall choose to carry our collective aspirations for development.

“On this journey were also people committed to ensuring that I do not emerge. To such people, friends and foes alike, I say be still; have peace. You won.

“I thank my family, and colleagues in my firm, for bearing with me in the course of this race. And to my legal team, I cannot thank you enough for the sleepless nights and gruelling work to get us through seven judgments in the course of this race.

“Throughout our campaign and the election, we placed our faith in God. His grace sustained us to the end with no accidents or security incidents, protecting us from dangers we knew not of. Honour and adoration remain unto His Holy name forever.”

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